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Published: 2022-04-05 | Updated: 2023-09-17

The new catalogue 2022 is here!

Download the new catalogue here or have it sent to you!

Fixings catalogue 2022

Catalogue- EN


All new products at a glance!

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Plugs for light and heavy loads

NEW ResiTHERM® is the innovation product for heavy-duty fastening on insulated facades - with ETA! With the insulation plug IPL 95 DS M8 in stainless steel, our range of insulation fixings has expanded. Also discover the new sizes of the multifunctional frame plug MFR.

Distance mounting system ResiTHERM® 16

Distance mounting system ResiTHERM® 37 with ETA

Isolationsdübel IPL 95 DS stainless steel

Multifunction frame plug MFR SB TX 10-180

Multifunction frame plug MFR SB SSKS 10-180

Multifunction frame plug MFR FB SSKS 10-115 and 10-135

Multifunction frame plug MFR SB TX Blister

Multifunction frame plug MFR SB SSKS Blister

Multifunction frame plug MFR FB SSKS Blister

Plasterboard plug GKDZ-37

Distance plate

Gas nailer and direct impact fixing accessories

Discover our broad gas nailer range with the premium gas nailer FORCE ONE, the steel nails XHA and many practical accessories for quick direct fastening.

FORCE ONE gas nailer

FOX gas nailer

Premium steel nails XHA for FOX

Steel nails TKA for FOX

Magnet holder MH for FOX

Textile tape TXS

Plastic washer AP

Metal multicable hanger clamp CHS

Metal clip PFT

Metal clip DFT

Chemical fixings

The new ResiFIX Pure Epoxy Plus injection mortar convinces with a service life of 100 years according to ETA, is suitable for post-rebar connections and diamond core drilling and holds high loads. 

ResiFIX Pure Epoxy Plus EPP SF

ResiFIX Pure Epoxy Plus EPP SF

ResiFIX Pure Epoxy EP SF

ResiFIX Pure Epoxy EP SF

Metal anchors and screws

Range extension for bolt anchors, concrete screws and chipboard screws! Many products now with large washer according to DIN 440 for timber construction.

Quick-fix anchor BAZ-H, DIN 440

Concrete screw BTS6 E long

Concrete screw BTS with washer

Concrete screw BTS M

Chipboard screw VELOX® SIT

Chipboard screw VELOX® PZ

Sanitary- and electrical fixings

New for electrical fixing: F-Clip with reinforcing ribs and multicalbe hanger CH for mounting with BTS6 concrete screws. The practical cable tie CCT is the perfect complement for the cable tie fastening TBB.

One hole pipe clip F

Multicable hanger CH

Do you have questions about the catalogue, shipping or one of our new products? Do not hesitate to contact us here. We will answer you as soon as possible.