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ETA approval for the FORCE ONE direct impact fixing system

Ensure safety and reliability in your installations

This approval signifies the high quality, reliability, and safety of our direct impact fixing products, assuring customers that they can trust our solutions for their construction needs. With an impressive success rate, our system ensures optimal performance even if an individual nail fails.

Not only is the FORCE ONE system now ETA approved ensuring safety and reliability, it is also a system that will help you save time and money compared to traditional installation methods. By using the FORCE ONE system, you can streamline your workflow and reduce expenses, all while maintaining the highest standards of performance and security.

What does the ETA cover?

To get the ETA approval, it is essential to use the complete FORCE ONE system, including CELO nailing accessories, XHA nails (minimum homologated length is 22mm), and the FORCE ONE gas nailer. The ETA certification is specifically tied to the integration and compatibility of these components. It is important that all users adhere to our recommended products for the ETA approval to remain valid.

As well as an ETA approval all CELO nailing accessories that are made of A1 steel have a fire approval rating

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What does it mean?

With this approval, our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

Compliance with State-of-the-Art Technical Standards: The ETA assessment evaluates the FORCE ONE system's technical applicability and suitability for various applications.

Enhanced Reliability: Our XHA nails, designed to work seamlessly with the FORCE ONE gas nailer, offer exceptional strength, durability, and precision. They have been thoroughly tested and approved to deliver consistent and reliable performance in various projects.

Quality standards: Quality is a top priority in any project. The ETA approval guarantees that our direct impact fixings system meets strict regulations, providing peace of mind to professionals and helping to mitigate potential risks on the job site.

The FORCE ONE system

The FORCE ONE gas nailer has been designed to be the best-in-class gas nailer for electrical installations

And, with a wide range of nailing accessories, the system is suitable for different applications, including cables, pipes, and tubes, as well as different base materials ranging from hard materials like concrete, to soft materials like wood.  

Frequently asked questions

At the moment the pre-drilling nail bit is not included in the ETA, but we do want to include it in the future

No, only the material with an ETA label on the box is homologated. However we have not changed any of the products production or quality process. The products are exactly the same, it is just because of ETA procedures and audits that we can not include them in the homologation. 

Yes, the ETA approval assumes a working life of the fastener of at least 50 years. 

Do you have any questions about our ETA approved system?
Do you want to receive a demonstration of the FORCE ONE gas nailer?

Contact our team of experts today and find out how CELO can help you. 

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