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FORCE ONE Testimonials - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project: New hospital Sveti Apostol Luka Doboj

Our experience in handling the CELO FORCE ONE 20 gas pistol

"For half a year I have been working as the engineer responsible for low-voltage installations on the construction of a new hospital in Doboj. The project is very complex and involves the construction of seven different systems, which should ultimately represent a functional unit without which the work in the new hospital would hardly be possible. Aware of the importance and volume of our daily work, we strive for the highest possible performance and quality of the work performed. A major point in our project is the laying of more than 200 km of cables with different properties and purposes. Many of these cables have to be routed outside of the perforated cable ducts on the ceiling or walls, often at great heights, in inaccessible places and alongside many other installations. At first we worked in a very traditional way, drilling holes in concrete, inserting dowels and mounting clamps to hold cables or finned tubes. This work was tedious and slow due to the high mezzanine height, awkward posture and a lot of dust. As this involves a large number of elements to be assembled, it quickly became clear that the work could not be completed in the stipulated time in this way.

The solution we found in the purchase and use of the CELO gas nailer FORCE ONE 20 , which we have been working with for about three weeks. Already now, using this tool has many advantages! The preparation of the work is very simple: you only have to insert the appropriate nails, the gas cartridge and the battery and adjust the setting force according to the type of clamps and the material into which the nails are driven. Already on the first day we were impressed by the efficiency and the simple application. This of course affected our productivity and increased the general enthusiasm in the work team.

Unlike the classic method, the work is incomparably faster, with less dust and less stress for the installer . We tested the tool on different surfaces and with different types of clamps. After the appropriate simple adjustment of the driving force and using the appropriate nail length, it has proven to be very effective in every case. It is extremely rare for the process to fail on the first try due to the varying structure and quality of the concrete to which the process is applied.

The attached video shows the simple application of this tool in a real situation, and the photos show parallel examples of installations made in the classic way and those made with the new tool.

Conclusion: This is an extremely high-quality and reliable tool that greatly facilitates work and increases productivity and the quality of the work performed. Since we still have a lot of work to do on this and other similar facilities, we decided to buy another case of this tool. We definitely do not want to go back to the classic method and we sincerely recommend this tool to everyone who is seriously engaged in similar work! "

Name: Drago Pajunovic, B.Sc. Ing.el.
Position: Responsible engineer for low-voltage systems

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