Case studies

With over 60 years of experience in providing fixing solutions to help customers save time and money, we are a tremendous resource for assisting you in selecting the correct fixings for your applications. See how installers and projects across all sectors and countries have improved their installations by using CELO fixings.

Hospital construction in Chile

Finding solutions for the implementation of external waterproofing, and HVAC systems whilst keeping in mind seismic and temperature constraints. 

Customised solutions in Iceland

Working in below 0ºC temperatures to find an approved solution for installations on the façade substructure with Rockwool insulation inside. 

Pipes solution in Australia pier

What does CELO have in common with Melbourne's penguins? In this case, our solutions have made it possible to carry out a reform of a pier home to a penguin colony.

Electrical installation in Bosnia

Read how CELO has streamlined the electrical installation in The Roof Gardens luxury residential complex in Sarajevo, ensuring efficiency and profitability.