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CELO presents: The NEW IPS 80T insulation board screw for external thermal insulation composite systems.

Innovative product designed for fast and thermal bridge-free direct fastening in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). 

The IPS 80T has a trumpet head perfect for joining insulation boards such as PU rigid foam, fastening dimpled foils to perimeter insulation or for sheathing/insulating ventilation ducts. 

The IPS 80T can also be used for fixing motion detectors, lighting, signs, etc. directly in the insulation material.

Unique advantages of the IPS 80T

The insulation board screw IPS 80T offers numerous advantages compared to conventional screws and is the ideal solution for fastening insulation boards in ETICS. Here are some of the most important advantages:

1. Fast and thermal bridge-free fastening

Thanks to the sharp drill point and the TX25 drive, the IPS 80T can be screwed directly into the insulation material without pre-drilling (for plaster < 7mm). This saves time, as there is no need to pre-drill in the insulation. The screw is ready for use immediately. 

2. High stability and reliability

The IPS 80T is made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon and is therefore resistant to ageing, weather and UV. Thus offering high stability and reliability. 

3. Easy mounting

The IPS 80T is equipped with a functional trumpet head that ensures flush countersinking of the screw and enables easy mounting. The screw offers an additional fastening option via a Ø 3.5 mm screw.

4. Excellent sound insulation

Unlike conventional screws made of metal or steel, the IPS 80T offers better sound insulation because it is made of plastic. This is particularly advantageous in buildings where high sound insulation is required.

5. Compatibility with various insulation materials

The IPS 80T insulation board screw can be used in a wide range of insulation materials, including rigid polystyrene foam (EPS), rigid polyurethane foam (PUR), mineral wool and other common insulation materials. The pronounced thread ensures a secure hold in these insulation materials, making it a versatile solution for various applications in ETICS.

6. Lightweight

The IPS 80T is made of glass-fibre reinforced nylon, giving it a low weight compared to conventional metal or steel screws. This makes it easier to handle and install, especially in tall buildings or difficult applications. As plastic is non-conductive, the insulation board screw is thermally separated, i.e., it does not cause thermal or cold bridges and ensures energy-efficient fastening.

Versatile applications for the insulation board screw IPS 80T

The insulation board screw IPS 80T is not only the perfect solution for fastening insulation boards in ETICS but can also be used in many other applications. 

  • Thermal bridge-free connection of insulation boards
  • Subsequent installation of roller shutter boxes
  • Insulation and coating of ventilation pipes
  • Sound insulation in buildings for
  • Easy attachment to insulated façades

With its unique properties such as high stability, freedom from thermal bridges and sound insulation, the IPS 80T insulation board screw can help to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, and improve quality in the workplace.


The insulation board screw IPS 80T is the perfect solution for your requirements in the field of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and for connecting insulation boards. With its thermal bridge-free direct fastening without pre-drilling, you save time and reduce the risk of thermal bridges. The high stability and reliability of the IPS 80T ensures secure fastening and it is resistant to ageing, weathering and UV, making it a reliable solution for versatile use. Thanks to the trumpet head, flush sinking of the product is possible. In addition, it offers excellent sound attenuation, making it an optimal choice for buildings where high sound attenuation is required. 

For more information about the IPS 80T and other CELO products, please visit the product page or contact us directly.