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FOX Gas nailer

The most efficient and agile nailer for drywall and framing applications!


CELO knows how important it is for you to have quick installations with a solid and durable fixing. The FOX gas nailer has been designed to meet these demands. It is fast, shooting two nails per second; lightweight, at only 3.8 Kg (including battery), and has 85 Joules of power, which will ensure a cleaner, more accurate penetration of the nail in to the wall.

It has been manufactured as tightly as possible to prevent dust from entering through the front part, which reduces breakdowns due to particle obstruction. Its battery is li-ion and can shoot up to 8,000 nails. Also, if the battery runs out, with just two minutes of charge, it allows you to shoot up to 200 nails.

Adapted to the most popular installation requirements for 2021, it allows you to shoot nails from 15 mm up to 40 mm wide, which adds adaptability to its use for different applications and materials.

The FOX gas nailer has been specially designed for fixings in concrete floors and its main application is for drywall structures. Lightweight, fast and reliable, the gas nailer guarantees the saving of time and money compared to traditional installation systems using a nail plug and drilling system, and ensures great performance.

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Product overview

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Two times faster than electric power nailers

Lighter than electric power nailers

Always ensures the same nailing depth

Good accessibility in any area thanks to a slim nose design

Further specifications:

  • Metal profiles to fix plasterboard
  • Drainage sheet installation fixings
  • Textile fixing tape

Areas of application:

  • Steel beam
  • Concrete
  • Concrete block

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