Who we are?

CELO is a brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-precision fixing and fastening solutions for the fields of industry and construction.

We have an international presence on three continents: Europe, Asia and America, while staying true to our roots as a family business, guided wherever we go by the values that have always underpinned everything we do:

Your time. Our value

We want to make our customers' work easier by offering know-how, innovation and products with assured quality. This means we can help to cut down installation time, provide quick answers to their questions and give ongoing support and advice whenever they need it.


We know that innovation does not come from inspiration, but from processes that have to be worked on constantly to achieve new and better ways of doing things. For this reason, we structure the creation of new ideas as an innovation factory, respecting systematic processes that add value to our customers and our internal processes.

Continous improvement

Everywhere in the world, and in both of the two areas we supply –industry and construction–, all our customers have the same demands: high-quality products that are easy to use and install and that help to optimise their work.


We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing our products for more than 50 years. Listening to each of our clients and knowing in depth the language of the world of industry and construction to understand and give optimal answers to each of their needs.

Smart Clamps
Frame fixing
Concrete screw
Nailing system
Insulation fixings

Fixing products

Producing innovative screws, fixings, anchors and supporting systems for the construction industry for over 50 years, CELO has helped thousands of installers with accurate and efficient installations. With over 5,000 references in our portfolio we are continuously looking to enhance and develop more efficient products that exceed our customers needs by optimising their work whilst saving time and money.

Made with the highest quality materials, our products go through the most rigorous testing to ensure that they comply with international and local standards, that guarantee safe and reliable fixings.

Where we are?

Spain Germany France USA China Poland Hungary Chile Mexico Morocco
Castellar del Vallés
Rosselló, 7
08211, Spain
T. +34 93 715 83 83
Industriestrasse 6
86551, Germany
T. +49 (0) 825 190 485 0 F. +49 (0) 825 190 485 49
Tassin La Demi Lune
9, avenue Victor Hugo
Espace Lamartine
69160, France
T. +33 (0) 6 37 78 20 04
Grand Rapids
6161 NW Avenue
22030, USA
T. +1 616 957 9510 F. +1 616 957 9597
166# Ningbo Road
Taicang Economic Development Area of Jiangsu Province
215400, China
T. 0512-81602666 F. 0512-81602661
Konstantynów Łódzki
ul. Poprzeczna 50
95-050, Poland
T. +48 42 250 54 43 F. +48 42 203 12 06
Budai út 1/C
Tatabánya Industrial Park
2851, Hungary
T. +36 34 586 360 F. +36 34 586 361
Santiago de Chile
Don Carlos 2939 904
832-0000, Chile
T. +56 9 92338139
Anillo Vial II Fray Junípero Serra Nº 16950
Condominio I, Interior 27, Condominio Sotavento
76147, Mexico
T. +52 (442) 243 35 37 F. +52 (442) 261 08 21
Bouskoura (Casablanca)
Parc Industriel CFCIM de Bouskoura, lot 9BIS
27182, Morocco
T. (+212) 5 22 33 48 21

We have manufacturing plants in Spain, Germany, China and the United States, as well as 10 logistics centres on four continents, meaning we can stay close to the companies we work with and offer rapid, effective solutions to changing demands.

This is how we have become the main supplier to the world’s leading companies in the automotive, electrical material, electronics and household appliance sectors.

However, we know that providing support means much more than being close at hand, which is why we also provide our customers with the close personal assistance they need, fielding their concerns and acting as a trusted partner.

Since 1963 Our story

It starts in 1963, when two young engineers, Ramón Ceravalls and Josep López, started to offer high-precision fasteners to television, electronics and household appliance manufacturers. The idea was to create special fasteners, manufactured to the highest quality standards for very demanding products and installations.

Since then, we have continued to be guided by the same demanding standards and the same passion with which we started out, staying true to the core values that have helped us to grow and improve every day:

60's and 70's
Starting from scratch
Expansion in Spain
Focus on technology
International expansion in Europe. Start up operations in China.
Consolidation during period of economic crisis. International focus to America.
  • CELO was founded in 1963 by two young engineers, Mr. Ceravalls and Mr. Lopez.
  • Quickly specializes in small screws for electrical products and home appliances.
  • In 1974 expands to a new factory in Castellar del Valles.
  • CELO expands business to distributors to reach medium size companies that also require technical screws.
  • The CELO yellow box becomes the reference for quality screws in Spain. First New warehouse allows CELO to become the major distributor of small screws in Spain
  • CELO specializes its production in screws for plastics and thread rolling screws for metals.
  • Acquires patents for Taptite®, Remform® and Torx ® among others. CELO innovates in screws for metal work and aluminum doors and windows to become market leader in this sector in Spain.
  • 2000CELO acquires Apolo Fijaciones SL. Market leader in Spain of fixings for electrical installers.
  • 2006CELO opens its own factory in China to serve our international customers. Expands logistics and sales to France (Y2000), Hungary (Y2007), Poland (Y2008), Turkey, Mexico.
  • 2009CELO acquires MEA Befestigungssysteme GmgH to gain tehcnical know how in fixings and plastic injection.
  • 2009-2013During this period of strong economic crisis, CELO focus all financial efforts to keep our team on board and continue investing in innovation.
  • 2011CELO changes MEA Bfs to new logistic center in Aichach (Germany).
  • 2013CELO opens logistic center in Arras (France).
  • 2014CELO opens new logistic center in Queretaro (Mexico).
  • 2016CELO acquires Trident Fasteners Inc in Michigan (USA) to givelocal production and logistics service in the USA to our global customers.
  • 2018CELO opens logístic center in Santiago de Chile.
  • 2019CELO opens CELO Fixings in Miami (USA).
  • 2020CELO opens CELO Fixings in Casablanca (Morocco).

Small Things Matter


At CELO, we have a clear vision of the world:
Small things matter.

We know that small details make a big difference, which is why, beyond simply supplying our products, we actively accompany our customers through their projects, helping them to find optimum fixing solutions, adapting to their needs and working as authentic partners. Similarly, we also give our products the importance they deserve. Innovation and technology are present in everything we do, and we are dedicated to implementing ongoing improvement because we know that a small fastener can make a huge difference.

Providing you with support


We know that providing support means much more than being close at hand, which is why we also provide our customers with the close personal assistance they need, fielding their concerns and acting as a trusted partner.

We make a difference


CELO is proud to have curious and hands on professionals that deliver the best products, solutions and options to our customers. We are passionate about our work regardless the position or area of expertise and we seek the excellence in everything we do. We aim to contribute to the development of our sector by innovating and doing our job better.

CELO support and encourage the further development of the talent and skillset of its employees by providing continuous training and precise tools. In CELO’s culture, the talent of its employees is the best active of the company.

Together, we contribute to the growth of our customers and are an active part of our company's success. We share values and we have our own style that each person enriches contributing with their experience and personality.

Join the team