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European Technical Assessments (ETA)

Distance mounting systems and insulation fixings

ResiTHERM® 12

ResiTHERM® 16

ResiTHERM® 37

IPD Insulation fastener

Direct impact fixing system and accessories

FORCE ONE gas nailer

XHA nails

Multidiameter clamp Abranyl® ABT

Multiclip clamp UT

Cable tie mount TBB

Wire conduit clip WSC

Double wire conduit WDC

Plastic conduit clip FP

Double plastic conduit clip FPD

Cable tie base with cable tie TBBL

Nailing Conduit Metal Clip PFT

Double conduit metal clip DFT

Metal ceiling hanger AAT

Metal stud accessory ATR

Multicable hanger clamp CHS

Threaded rod hanger ATV

Quick-fix anchors - Bolt anchors

BA plus quick-fix anchor in concrete Option 7

Quick-fix anchor BA A4 stainless steel in concrete Option 7

Quick-fix anchor BAZ-H with large washer according to DIN440 in concrete Option 1

BAZ plus quick-fix anchor in concrete Option 1

BAZ quick-fix anchor in concrete Option 1

Heavy duty anchor SLA in concrete Option 1

Forced expansion anchor ZA in concrete Option 7

Metal anchors

DA Ceiling anchor as multiple fastening

Dnbolt® Sleeve anchor in concrete Option 8

SA(K) Plus Schlaganker for multiple fastening

SA(K) Plus Schlaganker in concrete Option 7

Concrete screws

BTS6 concrete screw in concrete

BTS A4 8-10 in concrete Option 1

BTS 8-14 in concrete Option 1

Frame anchors/ Frame plugs

MFR Multifunction frame anchor

HBR Hollow block frame anchor

Injection mortar - Composite anchor

ResiFIX VY SF in concrete Option 1

ResiFIX VY SF in masonry

ResiFIX VY ECO SF in concrete Option 1

ResiFIX VY ECO SF in masonry

ResiFIX EPPSF Pure Epoxy Plus

ResiFIX EPSF Pure Epoxy Option 1

ResiFIX EPSF Pure Epoxy in masonry

ResiFIX PY SF in concrete Option 7

ResiFIX PY SF in masonry

VA bonded anchor in concrete Option 7

ResiFIX EY SF in concrete Option 7

ResiFIX EY SF in masonry

ResiFIX Pure Epoxy BRSF in concrete Option 1


BMax wood screw

VELOX® chipboard screw

Why you should use ETA-approved fixing products:

Applications relevant to building regulations (=safety-relevant) according to §3 MBO (Model Building Code) require approved solutions to ensure safety for health, human life and natural life-support systems.

ETA stands for European Technical Assessment (formerly: European Technical Approval) and is a widely recognised confirmation of the technical suitability of a construction product in the member states of the EU according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPD).

In this article you will learn:

- how a product receives an ETA rating
- how long the service life is
- why it is important to use ETA-approved plugs and anchors?
- Types of ETAs and FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Published: 2024-04-14