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MFR frame plug design software

for façade substructures

MFR Rahmendübel Bemessungs-Software "Frameplug Design" - Headerbild
MFR Rahmendübel Bemessungs-Software "Frameplug Design" - Headerbild

CELO frameplug design

With our calculation software, we offer our customers the opportunity to calculate for themselves how many CELO MFR frame plugs are needed to fix a façade substructure. The results of the calculation should be checked and approved by a specialist (e.g. structural engineer) before use.

In the following, you learn more about the features of the CELO design software:

  • Design according to current standards, EAD and TR
  • Real-time calculation with automatic determination of the most economical result
  • Easy entry of wind zones by city or postcode
  • Wind loads for Germany and Spain (to be extended)
  • The software is available in English and German (Spanish, and further languages will follow)

Excellent visualisation of the results and multiple possibilities

  • Design under economic aspects with maximum anchor spacing
  • Clear representation of the results and the required anchors (per façade side and in total)
  • 3-dimensional realistic visualisation
  • Buildings with saddle roof or flat roof
  • Terrain category selectable

Consideration of timber and metal substructures, design of different façade structures

  • Design for wood and metal substructures possible
  • Comprehensive representation of the static calculation
  • Practical support for the realisation: Mounting instructions
  • Flexible choice of the substrate: Choice of substrates according to the ETA, and also other substrates not covered by the ETA
  • Transfer of the assesed test results from pull-out tests (for masonry)
  • Flexibility in façade construction: input of up to 4 lath levels (horizontal/vertical)
  • Individual façade cladding and the corresponding façade weights (kg/m²).
  • Automatic determination of the associated lever arm for the bending stress of the frame plug screws
  • Flexibility in design: individual input of the lever arm
  • Adaptation to individual requirements: Choice of insulation thickness and arrangement of insulation (under or between battens or without insulation)
  • Selection of different insulation materials

Further advantages:

  • Optimal as a design aid for structural engineers, craftsmen or end users
  • Design according to new wind load standard, EAD 330284-00-0604 and TR 064