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Declarations of Performance (DoPs)

CELO DoPs - to download and view.

In the declaration of performance the manufacturer indicates the essential characteristics of the product according to ETA assessment. Find the englisch DoPs and some other languages in the dropdown menu below.

Distance mounting systems and insulation fixings

ResiTHERM® 12

ResiTHERM® 37

IPD Insulation fastener

Quick-fix anchors - Bolt anchors

Quick-fix anchor BA A4 stainless steel in concrete Option 7

Quick-fix anchor BAZ-H with large washer according to DIN440 in concrete Option 1

BAZ plus quick-fix anchor in concrete Option 1

BAZ quick-fix anchor in concrete Option 1

Heavy duty anchor SLA in concrete Option 1

Forced expansion anchor ZA in concrete Option 7

SWA Heavy-duty anchor

Metal anchors

concrete screws

frame plugs

Injection mortar - bonded anchors

ResiFIX VY ECO SF masonry

ResiFIX EPPSF concrete Option 1

ResiFIX EPPSF rebar

ResiFIX EPSF Option 1


BMax Construction screw

Published: 2024-05-16