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Nylon cable ties CCT

High tenacity cable tie. UL and RoHs certified.


The CCT cable ties are nylon made (Polyamide 6.6), guaranteeing halogen-free and silicone-free properties. For outdoors and indoors usage CCT cable ties are UV resistant and perform as good in high termperatures as in low temperatures.

The CCT cable ties are available in lengths ranging from 100 mm to 1030 mm (4-in to 40-in), bearing a maximum recommended load up to 110 Kg (240 pounds). On account of its length range and resistance, the CCT cable zip ties can hold cables with diameter up to 229.5 mm (9-in).

Its rounded tip facilitates insertion to the head of the cable tie for an easier and faster job. Once inserted into its head, it forms a loop to tighten the cables or any other element inserted. Its geometry has been specifically developed to guarantee the integrty of the pipes, cables, or hoses fasten. In addition the CCT are UL and RoHs certified, which guarantees their quality.

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The cable tie stands temperatures from -40ºC to + 85ºC

Minimum installation temperature -10ºC


Cable ties with a rounded tip for easy insertion into the buckle

High quality and ageing resistant nylon

RoHS approved

Robust design

UL Listed certification

Further specifications:

  • For interior and exterior
  • PVC pipes
  • Plastic pipes
  • Corrugated pipes
  • Electric cables
  • Steel conduits

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