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Start saving time and money with your FORCE ONE. Whether you're new in the direct impact fixings category or you've replaced your old nailer for the FORCE ONE we got you covered. Follow the sections of this page and learn all.



Register your tool to receive extra benefits including: 

   2 year additional warranty

   Tool repair within 24 hours 

   Free yearly maintenance

   Direct contact with CELO technical team 


There are a couple of things we recommend you do before you start using the FORCE ONE gas nailer: 

   After unboxing the tool, make sure that all parts are included in the box. Find the list in the FAQ of this page

   Read the notice that comes in the box, so you understand everything about the tool. You can download the pdf here 

   Charge the battery of your new tool 

   Set up your FORCE ONE with CELO premium accessories: nails, fuel cell, clips, clamps and washers! Check out the full range here


Now it's time to start setting up and preparing your FORCE ONE for action! Watch the video for a step-by-step guide to see how quick and easy it is.


   Make sure there are at least 2 nails in the magazine. For security reasons the nailer won't trigger when the magazine load is under 3 nails

   The maximum length of nails supported by the magazine is 40mm

   Ensure the battery is charged and the fuel cell is not empty


What to do if the tool is not working?

The first thing we should check when the tool isn't working is the battery, often it could be that it is low of charge. Just remove and replace the battery with a fully charged one.  

What to do if the tool is not working?

If the battery is fully charged and the tool is not working the next thing to check should be the fuel cell. These can last up to 1000 shots, so if you've been busy, perhaps it's time for a change. 

What to do if there is a jammed nail? 

Occasionally a nail might get jammed in the nailer, meaning that when you press the trigger it refuses to fire. Just turn off the nailer, and use our unjamming tool to help resolve the issue. 

What to do if you can't push the nose piece?

 If the nose piece doesn't move when you push on it then you should check the nails in the magazine. The safety mechanism means you will always need at least 2 nails in the magazine to fire.


Designed to save time when installing pipes and conduits with a gas nailer. Just simple push the pipe in to lock in place! 

High performance collated nails, reinforced with serrations to provide the optimum grip on hard materials like concrete and steel.

The gas nailer accessory allows you to install cable ties. Designed with 4 lateral openings so you can install from all angles. 

A premium alternative to plastic straps to install cables and wires. Provides a secure fixing thanks to its support rib for higher stability and a secure hold. 

Designed to fasten cables, pipes or wires in parallel, the clip provides a secure fixing thanks to its support rib for higher stability and a secure hold. 

Install in a matter of seconds when using the gas nailer! The integrated plastic part ensures a firm grip on the nose of the nailer allowing for an accurate and easy installation. 


What is included in the FORCE ONE box?
  • 1 x FORCE ONE gas nailer
  • 1 x Safety glasses
  • 2 x Earplugs
  • 2 x Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Carrying case
  • 1 x Jam clearing tool
  • 1 x Instruction manual
How long does one fuel cell last for?

One fuel cell for the FORCE ONE will last up to 800 shots.

How long does the battery last?

The battery should last for about 4,500 shots. 

Does the fuel cell have an expiration date?

The fuel cell has a minimum expiration date of 2 years as long as it is stored in temperatures between +5 and 25ºC.

Can I buy replacement parts for the FORCE ONE?

If you feel you need any replacement parts then please get in contact with the distributor or sales representative who sold you the FORCE ONE, or alternatively call our contact team and they will be more than happy to assist you. 

What should i do if my tool isn't working properly?

In most cases, the issues are solved by following the recommendations provided in our maintenance videos. If you still have issues after reviewing them please contact your distributor or sales representative. 


Now you're ready to start using the FORCE ONE on the job site. If you're new to nailing tools, we recommend you make some tests shooting on a reserved area of your site, this will help you get used to the tool, adjust the shooting depth, and check the performance of the base material. If you've been saving drilling time with other tools so far, then you're all set to enjoy the improved success rate of your new FORCE ONE


Need more help? Save time by filling in our online contact form and we will connect you to an expert.


Want to understand more about the FORCE ONE? Schedule a virtual session or on-site demonstration with our expert team. 

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