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CELO obtains new business unit by acquiring Sistema Masa, ventilated façades leaders

Published: 2024-04-08 | Updated: 2024-05-28

CELO has completed the purchase of Sistema Masa, a ventilated façades leader with 30 years of expertise

Renowned for its technical excellence and its innovative approach to the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilated façade systems, Sistema Masa is a well-reputed company.

It was established in 1994 and has been designing and installing cutting-edge systems for both national and international markets. With over 15.000 projects, their international footprint extends to more than 50 countries, establishing them as a trusted partner for projects of all scales and complexities. 

Both CELO and Sistema Masa were aligned in providing high-quality and time-saving solutions that reduce overall costs. In fact, the new acquired portfolio includes six CE-certified façade mounting systems, as well as a premium products range that delivers remarkable efficiency gains in installation time, outpacing competitors in the industry.  

To cope with an increasing demand for complex requirements in terms of sustainability, safety, protection, efficiency, and aesthetics, CELO Façades technology will become CELO’s unit to support planners, architects, builders, and façade contractors in developing building envelopes with market expertise, high-quality product systems, and a fully customer-service approach. Also, all systems related to structures for ventilated façades will use the commercial brand Masa Ventilated Façade Systems as a guarantee of quality and heritage

The acquisition of Sistema Masa not only contributes to increasing CELO’s business activities and offerings toward new business areas but also supports its commitment to promoting sustainable construction practices that meet the increasing demand for energy-efficient buildings

CELO’s executive board feels confident that this purchase will become a milestone in CELO's development and growth. The acquisition will be integrated into CELO’s group as a new division, CELO Façades technology, aggregated into the existing CELO Fixings technology and CELO Screws technology. 

It is also a reaffirmation of CELO’s dedication to providing market leadership through development and contributing to reshaping the sectors of activity in which the company operates.