Fixing of insulation boards

Insulation holder and plates for a quick installation

Discover CELO's product solutions for the quick installation of insulation boards on almost all substrates for sealing basements, ventilated facades and ceilings.

The insulation holders are impact anchors that fasten the insulation in push-through installation to concrete, solid or perforated bricks and much more. They are characterised by their stable design and are made of impact-resistant plastic or non-flammable metal. The insulation plates are supplemented by frame plugs, nail plugs or screws and are suitable for a wide variety of substrates depending on the combination.

The wide range includes insulation fixings for insulation with soft thermal insulation such as rock wool and glass wool, with soft and compression-resistant insulation boards, through to the ETA-approved insulation board fixing IPD for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) with integrated steel nail or glass-fibre reinforced plastic nail to avoid a thermal bridge.

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Showing 1-6 of 6 item(s)