Published: 2024-03-13 | Updated: 2024-04-22

Quick-assembly beam clamps

How to mount to metal beams using beam clamps

Due to the large spans between the support beams, the construction of steel beams in warehouses or sales halls allows for large open spaces.

Beam clamps are used here. These beam fixings or beam clips (also known as flange beam clips) can be quickly and easily installed on metal beams. In combination with threaded rods, cable ties, ropes, and hooks, CELO's extensive range of beam fasteners offers a quick mounting solution for a wide variety of applications in the electrical and HVAC sectors.

Why use beam clamps

Safe mounting

Our beam clips and clamps enable a secure installation of pipes, cables, support systems and more on steel beams

No drilling or welding

Our fixing solutions for beam flanges do not cause weakening or deformation of the steel beam during installation

Avoid metal splinters and heavy equipment

Our beam fixings are simply hammered onto the flange or fastened with a pre-assembled screw

Functionality of beam clamps

Save time during installation! By simply tightening the screw or hammering it onto the beam flange, installation is possible without drilling or welding. This saves you installation effort and time with CELO beam fixings.

The following installation videos show you how beam clamps for fixing to the beam flange work:

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Tighten the beam clamp with a screw

With this method, the beam clamp is tightened with the pre-assembled screw on the beam flange (and secured with a lock nut, depending on the product)

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Hammer the beam clamp onto the flange

For this quick fastening method to the steel beam, the stable spring steel beam clamps are simply hammered onto the flange

The complete beam fixings assortment from CELO

Beam clamps can be used for a wide range of applications and combined with threaded rods, but also ropes, hooks, cable ties or clamps. At CELO, you will not only find a complete range of quick beam fixings, but also a comprehensive range of accessories for threaded rods, cable ties and clamps for HVAC or electrical installations.

Thanks to the grey zinc-flake coating, the beam clips and clamps offer high corrosion resistance for indoor, outdoor, humid and corrosive environments - up to 480 hours in the salt spray test (DIN 50021).

Beam clamps for use with threaded rods or conduits

Setscrew beam clamp PMV

The PMV "Made in Germany" heavy-duty beam clamp has Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for safety-relevant products, is FM-approved and fulfils the VdS guidelines. Time-saving: the hexagon head bolt and lock nut can be tightened with the same key.

Setscrew flange beam clip CMV M6

The multifunctional CMV beam clip is ideal for quick and easy installation of threaded rods, M6 parts, clamps and wires thanks to its internal thread and multiple clearance holes. The screw is deliberately angled to achieve greater resistance.

Threaded rod hammer-on flange beam clip CVA

The CVA beam support clip has been specially developed for the quick suspension of M6 and M8 threaded rods - ideal for fastening suspended ceilings and fixing pipe and cable installation.

Cable and pipe hammer-on flange beam clip CC

CC is a stable and time-saving flange beam clip. Empty conduits and cables can simply be clipped in. Discover 21 product variants:

Beam clips for use with ropes, hooks, cable ties, clamps

Cable tie hammer-on flange beam clip CBR

The CBR beam clip is the product of choice for installing cables and pipes with cable ties. The wide range covers most flange widths from 1.5 mm to 20 mm.

Hammer-on flange beam clip CAL

Wires, S-hooks or chains can be passed through the 6.3 mm Ø hole in the CAL beam clamp, offering a variety of applications.

M6 stud Hammer-on flange beam clip CAB

The CAB flange beam clip is simply hammered onto the flange and offers a stable and time-saving solution for suspending connection threads, clamps, or hooks using the pre-mounted M6 screw.

Need further information?

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