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Below you will find some of the most common questions that we get asked by our customers. If you cannot find the answer to your query, then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to help you.  

Customer Service Questions

If you are located in Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, or Poland you can use our "distributor finder" and find the closest retailer selling CELO products.  

In addition, if you are located in Spain or Germany,  you'll be able to use the "Shopping" icon on the product page to find both online and offline distributors. Just head to the Spanish or German website and look for the below symbol to find them. 

If you are an international customer then you can contact our team here.

Online you can currently order samples for our Universal Spreading Nail USN

For all other products please contact us and we will evaluate your request. 

You can download our catalogue and any of our leaflets on our catalogue page. If you would like a printed catalogue, you can order one from the same page, just look for the shopping basket icon instead (It is free to receive). 

We have a specialised team that are happy to provide technical support at any time. If you have any questions from understanding values and loads to installation guidance, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

You can also download our screw and anchor calculation software to help with the design and installation process of your project. 

CELO counts with TAS or Technical Assistance Services in several locations to provide a fast and local repair service for customers around the world. Currently CELO counts with TAS services in Spain, Hungary and Latvia to cover the needs of its customers in Europe, and Chile and the United States covering customers needs in America. Contact us to get more information about our TAS.

When it comes to external insulation, CELO offers a wide range of energy-efficient insulation fixings that are quick to install and effectively prevenet cold bridges. 

This simple guide to selecting the right fixing to attach to your insulation material takes you to the right for you in just 3 steps. You will find the load values of the individual fixings in different types of insulation and substrates, as well as further information such as installation videos and accessories. 

Product Questions


Our fire approved products can be found by looking for the Fire Resistance Class icon on the product page. You can also click on the link to find out more information about our fire approved fixings.


Our products can come with a variety of different approvals and certifications, which we have marked with icons against all of our products. If you need help understanding all the different icons and symbols then please take a look at our user friendly guide here

ProtectFix, our window support metal bracket fixing, can be used to help fix windows providing fall protection and burglar resistance, in most European countries. Please check the regulations applicable in your country.

We provide a wide range of fixings to suit all types of applications. If you are looking for a certain type of fixing but can't quite find what you are looking for then please get in contact and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Yes. The multidiameter clamp Abranyl® ABT allows the pipe to expand and contract freely. Due to our patented closing system the pipes are not secured with a screw and nut, and therefore can allow for movement. The ABT is also made from a modified nylon that is more flexible compared to materials such as PVC and also perform well against temperature changes.

Our ABT has also been KIWA certified for plastic water pipes, where they have been tested at +90°C

In this article we will explain to your what an ETA is, which tests our products have to undergo to obtain this certificate, why ETA approved fasteners are essential for safety-related applications, how long the service of life of ETA approved plugs and abchors is, plus much more! 


Yes. Our direct impact fixings have been made so that their compatibility is based on the dimensions of the nose. They will be compatible with all other nailers that have the same nose dimensions. 

We have put together all information about the nailer setup and troubleshooting on a clearly laid out page for you. Here you will also find maintenance videos, suitable accessories and frequently asked customer questions about the tools. 

Click to visit the FORCE ONE setup page - The best gas nailer in its class with extensive accessories. 

Click to visit the FOX setup page - The most efficient nailer for drywall construction

Choosing the right size nail to work with your material and product can make a difference in its holding power. Usually, the size of the nail chosen is dependent on the type of material you will be nailing into. 

To help you decide we have created this short guide on how to choose the right size nail, complete with recommendations for different materials and application videos

Your FORCE ONE gas nialer is automatically covered under a standard 2-year warranty, however you are able to extend this to a 4 year warranty at no extra cost!

Register your tool online using the serial number and invoice to benefit from a total of 4 years warranty and other special services including 24 hour tool repair, 24 hour tool replacements, free annual maintenance and lifetime technical support from CELO: 

Click here to register your tool and learn more. 


The shelf lives of the composite mortars are printed in the catalogue and depend on the type of mortar. They are between 12 and 24 months.

Click to download the catalogue.

The best-before date is printed on each cartridge, calculated from the date of manufacture.

ResiFIX VY 300SF, for example, has a minimum shelf life of 18 months from the expiry date printed on the cartridge.

Even an opened and resealed cartridge of this mortar can be used for 18 months until the expiry date on the cartridge.

In most cases, the cartridge can also be used for a few months longer, but this is not 100% guaranteed. The decisive factor then is whether the two components that are in the cartridge can be mixed when they are squirted out and the material hardens well. You can try this out on a squeezed out test strand.

ResiFIX VYSF may be used for anchoring reinforcing bars / rebars and also has an approval for this application, as confirmed by the ETA (European Technical Assessment) Option 1 for cracked concrete.

The composite mortar ResiFIX VY SF also has an approval for subsequent reinforcement connection. But at present, it is not allowed to carry out a subsequent reinforcement connection with our ResiFIX VY SF injection mortar.

This sounds misleading, but the approval alone is not sufficient for the subsequent connection of reinforcement. The approval also requires that the craftsman must be trained to make a reinforcement connection precisely with our composite mortar. This training must - according to the legal situation - be carried out by us at CELO. At the moment, however, we do not offer such trainings.

If the craftsman nevertheless has the confidence to install the subsequent reinforcement connection (e.g. if he has done the training with another chemical mortar), he can of course do so, but he will then be outside the approval because of the lack of training for our product ResiFIX VY SF.

When opening a new cartridge you should always discard the first 10cm due to the two components not being perfectly mixed. You should start using the product when the colour is homogenous and dark grey.

After first use you should leave the mixing nozzle on the cartridge or remove the mixing nozzle and put the cap on the cartridge again. The cartridge can still be used until the expiry date (like an unused cartridge). 

If you still have any queries then please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Published: 2022-11-21