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New pre-nailing drill bit SDS Plus for FORCE ONE

Published: 2023-04-18 | Updated: 2023-11-09

Innovative product designed to optimise fastening with a nailer in hard materials like concrete, it is easy to use and is adapted to all kinds of percussion drills and rotary hammers with a socket for a drill chuck. 

The pre-nailing drill bit SDS plus allows you to quickly and easily drill a pilot hole before nailing, allowing you to install light duty fixings on hard materials more efficiently. 

It is suitable for drilling into a variety of base materials including concrete, masonry and natural stone. 

How to install with the SDS plus

Main advantages of the pre-nailing drill bit SDS plus

Improved success rate in hard/tough materials - The nailing drill bit improves the success rate to almost 100% in hard concrete

Improved aesthetic finish  - Avoid damaging the concrete surface, making it a perfect solution for open installations

Time saving  - Despite pre-drilling, the system allows for a much faster work progress than all alternative traditional methods

For more information about the pre-nailing drill bit SDS plus and other CELO products, please visit the product page or contact us directly.