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Published: 2024-05-09 | Updated: 2024-06-18

Fast and direct light-duty installations on concrete with the new BTS4

BTS concrete screws

Meet the BTS4 Concrete Screw

The BTS4 is a 25 mm concrete screw with a Ø4 mm and a TORX 20 tip for fastening light loads up to 60 kg, with a low setting depth of only 18 mm. It enables a direct fastening in concrete without the need to use plugs. 

It comes in a ready-to-install set including a matching SDS drill bit with 4 mm diameter and 110 mm length.

Ø4 mm SDS Drill Bit

BTS4 Concrete Screw

Advantages of the BTS4

Save time: Direct and fast fixing, with an all-you-need, ready-to-install set that includes the SDS Drill Bit

Innovative thread geometry: it enables the possibility of manually installing it without a battery screwdriver

Smart installations: suitable with gas nailer accessories and a problem solver in case of gas nailer setting errors

Expansion pressure-free anchor: ideal for low edge and spacing distances.

BTS4 and Gas Nailing

The BTS4 is the perfect supplementary product for gas nailing systems since it provides a solution when:

• A shot is missed with the gas nailer due to tough concrete, nail bending, or concrete breakage.
• Gas nailing is impossible because the base material is too soft or fragile.

It is completely compatible with gas-nailing accessories with a removable plastic base, such as the metal clips PFT, and DFT, or the metal cable clamps CHS, which are specially designed for direct fastening with gas nailers. Here, BTS4 enables installation in the same place and reuse of the same accessories in the event of nail setting failure by simply removing the plastic base part as in the picture and installing it with the BTS4.

Understand the BTS4 Head type


The design of the pan head allows for a flush finish against the fastening application, meaning it can be used in a wider variety of applications. 


- Railings
- Channels

How to install the BTS4

Installing with concrete screws is one of the easiest and quickest ways to install on concrete and can be achieved in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Drill a Ø4mm hole with the included drill bit and clean it out

Step 2: Insert the BTS4 Concrete Screw

Step 3: Screw in the BTS4 Concrete Screw

Step 4: Ensure the screw head touches the fixing.
It is now fully installed!

Discover our range of Concrete Screws

Below is a quick overview of our different product categories. To see the full product range please download our catalogue and leaflets. 


Suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. The BTS range is available in 3 setting depths and various materials.



Designed for use in temporary construction sites. The BTS M should be used for temporary fixings and can be re-used several times.



BTS5 requires a small drill hole and low setting depth, meaning a low screw-in force is required. Holds loads of up to 80kg in concrete.



BTS6 comes in a variety of different head types to allow for a wide range of installations. Suitable for medium load applications.

BTS6 E long

New version of the popular BTS6E series designed specifically for insulated ceilings.


A hammer drill is recommended when drilling into concrete. The hammering motion helps break down the concrete while the drill rotation creates the hole. 

The drill hole depth and diameter will on the size of the concrete screw being used. Please consult the guide, especially when keeping in line with ETA approvals. 

All concrete screws can be removed if necessary. This is perfect for when a project changes and fixtures need to be moved. The BTS M for temporary construction site facilities can even be reused. 

No. Concrete screws are directly screwed into the pre-drilled hole. 

Contact us

If you need further information about concrete screws, loads, approvals or technical advice, please reach out to us! We will be happy to help you!

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