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Premium collated steel nails for hard material for gas nailers. Best-in-class nails with optimal fastening rate.

Nails XHA for FORCE ONE Zoom


Gas nailers work with collated nail strips that are loaded to the nailer magazine. The premium steel nails XHA are reinforced with serrations to improve the grip on very hard materials such as concrete and steel.

The XHA nails are made of high-quality steel with a special hard point. The ballistic shape of the tip and high hardness allows the nail to drive into steel beams and concrete for excellent fastening quality.

The XHA strip collated nails are compatible with the FORCE ONE gas nailers, and fit perfectly into the magazine of the gas nailers. Choose from a wide range of nails from 13mm to 38 mm in length. In addition, they have passed the EMI approval for fire resistance.

Each box includes one high-performance fuel cell for the gas nailer, which enables shooting of up to 800 nails and ensures you have all you need for optimal performance and time-saving installations.

Collated nails come in strips of 10 nails.
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XHA nails offer more reliability, more safety and more efficiency

Special steel hardeness improves grip on any material

The nails 13 mm length are especially designed for beams steel

Further specifications:

  • Electrical clamps
  • Metal clips
  • Metal profiles
  • Cable clamps

Areas of application:

  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Solid stone
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Wood

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