Fire protection

Fire protection is of great importance in electrical building projects. The primary objective of fire protection is to prevent the occurrence of fires and to reduce the damage caused, in particular the protection of human life and equipment.

Active and passive fire protection

The combined use of active and passive fire protection is essential. While elements of active fire protection such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors assist in signaling and are activated in the event of a fire; passive protection helps to prevent and slow down the spread, thus protecting human life and assets.

International fire safety ratings

It is not easy to navigate the maze of international, European and national rules and certifications for fireproof cabling. When implementing international projects, it is worth receiving help from an expert to provide strategic support for the design of the system.

fire resistance
Fire resistance products and fire resistance ratings

At CELO, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products and systems. Our mission is to support our customers and partners with our expert engineering team who have many years of international experience at every step of the electrical building process. 

We have supported the implementation of a number of electrical building projects in several European countries where the primary consideration was to select the appropriate system to adhere to the fire resistance rating required in that country. We are present in several European countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. 

If you need any guidance to implement your international project so that it meets the refractory certification requirements in different countries, click on the link below and enter your details, our staff will contact you shortly! 

General, country specific INFO provided by each country

Az aktív és passzív tűzvédelem együttes alkalmazása elengedhetetlen. Míg az aktív tűzvédelem elemei, mint a tűzoltó készülékek, füstérzékelők, stb. segítik a jelzést és aktívan működésbe lépnek a tűz keletkezésekor; a passzív védelem a megelőzésben, a tűz továbbterjedésének lassításában és ezáltal az emberélet és eszközök védelmében nyújt segítséget.

CELO Hungaria

Amennyiben útmutatásra van szüksége, hogy a megtervezze nemzetközi projektjének a különböző országokban használatos tűzálló minősített rendszerre vonatkozó előírásoknak való megfelelést, kattintson a következő linkre és adja meg adatait. Munkatársunk rövidesen felveszi a kapcsolatot Önnel!

Amennyiben útmutatásra van szüksége, hogy a megtervezze nemzetközi projektjének a különböző országokban használatos tűzálló minősített rendszerre vonatkozó előírásoknak való megfelelést, kattintson a következő linkre és adja meg adatait. Munkatársunk rövidesen felveszi a kapcsolatot Önnel!

Amennyiben útmutatásra van szüksége, hogy a megtervezze nemzetközi projektjének a különböző országokban használatos tűzálló minősített rendszerre vonatkozó előírásoknak való megfelelést, kattintson a következő linkre és adja meg adatait. Munkatársunk rövidesen felveszi a kapcsolatot Önnel!

How to understand Fire approval classes

Fire approval classes are composed of 2 parts. The letter and the number.

The number in the fire resistance class stands for the time in minutes that the anchor continues to perform its function, with decreasing performance, when exposed to fire. 

R = Load bearing capacity. Indicates the ability of a structural element to maintain its load-bearing capacity during a fire.

E = Integrity. Indicates the ability of a building element or construction material to prevent the passage of flames and hot gases through it during a fire.

Our fire-proof certified systems

CELO offers several fixing solutions for electrical building projects. A wide range of refractory certified products ensures the adaptability of our system, which meets all the projects needs. 

1 Direct mounting without pre-drilling

For direct fastenings without pre-drilling, we recommend our FORCE ONE gas cartridge nailing system, which is a uniquely effective solution for fastening to steel beams and concrete, and generally to all hard building materials. Suitable for pipes, cable and other building electrical fasteners. Our FORCE ONE gas cartridge nail gun has a capacity of 105J, with which you can fix up to 1000 nails per hour. Thanks to its high performance, errors are reduced and the work is fast and efficient. 

With the 13–38mm extra strong steel nails of the FORCE ONE machine, you can attach all CELO firearms and fasteners directly to the work surface.

For the FORCE ONE gas cartridge nail gun, we offer a wide range of accessories with mechanical and fire resistance certificates, which have a R90 fire rating.

Force one gas nailer
FORCE ONE gas nailer
Fire-retardant certified accessories

Our XHA extra strong nails are an ideal choice for extremely hard materials

Our single (PTF) semicircular fireproof metal clamps ensure quick and easy installation

Our double (DTF) semicircular refractory metal clamps provide quick and easy installation and are perfectly suited for the quick construction of parallel tracks of refractory wires

Our metal semicircular fire clamp (FT) can be mounted safely and quickly with our gas gun

The R90 rated (AAT) suspended hanger hook makes the system suitable for suspended ceiling elements and boards

Nails on steel and concrete
ATR 6 threaded element + L clamp
PFT / DFT semicircular clamps
Table for recommended nails in base material type

2Direct fixings in concrete with pre-drilling

With our BTS direct fastening system, you can easily fix your own, without additional accessories and only requires pre-drilling.

Suitable for fixing in concrete, lightweight concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, natural stone, aerated concrete and solid limestone. 

Our direct concrete screws (BTS5 and BTS6) provide high load capacity, have different heads for different applications and are R120 fire resistant. 

CELO's BTS5 direct concrete screw allows direct and fast installation in solid building materials without anchors. Due to the 5 mm hole diameter and 25 mm hole depth, it can be installed very easily, even with a hand-held screwdriver. This small concrete bolt can be loaded up to 80 kg in concrete. The surface coating made by the zinc lamella process provides corrosion resistance. The BTS5 is well suited for electrical and mechanical fastenings. The product has a full EMI and fire resistance certificate.

BTS-H 6-35 CE certified internally threaded direct concrete screw. Recommended for non-structural fixings in both cracked and non-cracked concrete. It has a zinc lamella coating (ZnAI), which results in better corrosion resistance and greater installation safety. CE certified product for non-structural fixings in both cracked and non-cracked concrete.

TPZ function trapezoidal bracket (R120) with full EMI mechanical and fire resistance certificates suitable for hanging M8 / M10 threaded rods with soldered M8 / M10 nuts. We recommend using an M8x110 / 130 hex head screw or free shank. Easy to install and height adjustable.

Our EKA refractory certified base screw product family (R120) can be used with the direct impact mounting method with a hammer, for which primarily L cable clamps are used. We recommend our system with tension (expansion) properties for fixing in concrete and natural stone.

Concrete, reinforced concrete, solid materials - conventional installation
EKA M6 base screw + L clamp
L clamp
BTS6 direct concrete screw + L clamp
L clamp
BTS6 direct concrete screw + CH cable tie
BTS5 direct concrete screw + CH cable tie

3Conventional installation recommended for hollow masonry 

With our MSD refractory metal spreader R120-certified fixing, you can fasten steel clamps using our two-way, double-piece refractory screw (Tirafondo R120). We recommend this solution for hollow building materials.

Hollow masonry - traditional installation
brick wall

4Conventional installation recommended for drywall masonry

HRM (E90) can be fixed to plasterboard, chipboard and suspended ceilings. Once properly installed these cavity fixings spread over a large area giving a high load capacity. It can be fastened quickly and professionally with CELO's MZA 100 pull-in tool, but it can also be installed with a cordless or manual screwdriver. 

L clamps


The BT universal threaded anchor has a maximum load capacity values drywall. It can also be used for any other boards with a thickness of 10 to 70mm. No special tools are required to install it. 


5Conventional mounting recommended for steel plate

Our 7504N / Torab ST / AGRP self-drilling screws help facilitate installation, no pre-drilling is required for their use. We recommend it for fixing on steel plate.

We recommend the 7504N self-drilling screw (E90) for mounting the CH cable clamp on a metal plate. 

We recommend the Torab® ST double end screw with a self-drilling point and a metric thread (R120) to fix clamps and supporting accesories to metal sheets up to 6mm thickness. Available in M6 or M8 hexagonal head.

For the fastest installation, you may want to use the LLTRB accessory.  



CELO's AGRP is a self-drilling screw with a large head and PZ recess. It is suitable for fixing into plates with thickness' between 1 and 3 mm.

Combine with the F clamp to fix cables.  


6Other refractory qualified fasteners

The R120 drop-in anchor SAP/SAPK provides a high load values with an easy installation into concrete. One of it's main advantages is that it enables secure installation to close distances to the edge. 

Among our chemical fixings, Resifix® VY Vinylester (R120) is fire resistant and suitable for: 

Fixing heavy loads into concrete

Holes filled with water

Certified for hollow building materials

Function-resistant, fireproof threaded shanks

MH Hexagon, functional threaded extension for connecting M& threaded shanks and free elements

TPZF function holder for hanging threaded rods with trapezoidal shackles


MS for connecting hexagonal, function-retaining threaded connectors without rods 

DIN 582 eye tension, function support nut

DIN 934 large steel washer, hexagonal nut made of 4.8 steel

With such a wide range of products it can be difficult to know which ones are suited for the different regulations in different countries, or what would suit your projects needs. If you need any help finding the right products then do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our experts.