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Insulation fixings

CELO has designed a range of fixings to ensure fast, secure and professional fixings into insulation boards

Insulation fixings for all type of installations on ETICS to ensure an optimal thermal insulation resulting in energy efficient buildings.

Our 'Made in Germany' fixing solutions are designed to work on various types of building insulation and thicknesses, complying with fire safety requirements often needed for insulation fixings.

Our high-quality nylon plugs for insulation, enable a fast installation for your insulation while preventing thermal bridges for an efficient thermal protection.

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Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items
Showing 13 - 17 of 17 items
Are you looking for fixings to install in insulated material? Whether you are looking for internal insulation board fixings or external wall insulation fixings, browse through this section to find high-quality nylon insulation fixings for a wide variety of applications: insulation holders, insulation plugs and rainwater drain-pipe fasteners for insulated façades, wall fixings for insulated façades, and insulation screws for wall connection profiles, available in many colours...

CELO provides all types of fixing elements for fixing insulation boards. From economical plastic insulation fixings for all pressure-resistant insulation boards in rear-ventilated façades to versatile ETICS hammerset fixings, metal insulation fixings, insulated plasterboard fixings, wood fiber insulation fixings, or advanced Resitherm for heavy duty installations.

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