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Insulation plate DST

Insulation plate for fixing insulations


CELO stands out with its comprehensive range of insulation fasteners such as insulation plugs or insulation screws and helps you to fasten light loads such as letterboxes or lamps to the plastered façade in an energy-efficient way.
But not only that: we are also your partner in the previous step, namely the installation of the insulation boards and ETICS systems themselves.

The insulation disc DST is suitable for installation of pressure resistant as well as soft insulation materials with Nail plug NP 8, Quick-Fix nail BN 8, Frame plug MFR 8, HBR 8, R 8 and screws. The type of anchor used depends on the material of your wall or ceiling.
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Quick installation of insulation

Available in different diameters depending on the compressive strength of the insulating material (the softer, the larger the diameter)

Suitable for fastening solid insulation boards, for ETICS (External thermal insulation composite systems)

Suitable for fastening soft insulation materials onto concrete and solid masonry, even on ceilings

Further specifications:

  • Disc to fix insulation panels with any long plug

Areas of application:

  • ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System)

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