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Fixings and innovative solutions for pros at CELO

Gas nailer and accessories

CELO has developed the widest range of fixing accessories for gas nailers. Combined with our gas nailers yor increase your productivity.

From cclamps to clips we manufacture the most extense range of nailing accessories to fix electrical cables and pipes, hang supporting systems, fasten sanitary pipes and many other light-duty applications in hard materials such as concrete.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items

There are many great nailers out there, but only the FORCE ONE with 105J and Japanese technologie is able to optimize your productivity into hard materials. For lighter applications our AGII gas nailer will bring you efficiency at a competitive price.
If you’re building a warehouse or any other building, you should definitely pay for professional-grade gear that will ensure you get the best of your time.
Gas-powered nailers have been around for more than 35 years. Gas nailers draw combustible gas from a disposable cartridge to power the tool, with a rechargeable battery to activate an exhaust fan and ignition system. This provides powerful values to guarantee a high success rate into hard materials such as steel and hard concrete.
Compared with battery nailers, gas nailers offer more power for driving fasteners into hard materials eliminating the need for a hose and compressor. Also gas-powered nailers can nail faster than battery nailing tools.
CELO Fixings has been providing gas actuated accessories since the 70's, helping installers to reduce their installation costs. In addition, most of the clips, clamps and other fixing accessories for nailers are compatible with other brand's tools such as Würth, Spit, Hilti or Dewalt.
Look into the product descriptions for accessories that work with nailer guns such as the Spit Pulsa 800E, HILTI's GX-3 and BX-3, Würth DIGA CS2, Dewalt track IT C5 or Berner's nailing gun.
Are you looking for gas cartidges, pins or nails, batteries ... for the Force One gas nailer? This isthe place.

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