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Universal Spreading Nail USN

Innovative fastening for wall connection profiles - simple and quick


The innovative universal spreading nail USN is an easy and quick solution for fastening wall connection profiles, thin metal sheets, base protection profiles and cornice covers to external façades. Drill a hole, hammer it in, done!

Made out of glass-fibre reinforced nylon the USN is ageing, weather and UV-resistant and, unlike metal, won't rust. Plus, it prevents heat loss through the façade as it does not create thermal bridges, while the EPDM sealing ring protects against the intrusion of water.

USN is available in seven different colours - matched to the most common sheet metal colours. Make a difference by paying attention to the details and by finishing off your project with the stylish flat head (Ø = 15 mm) of USN. This way, the USN blends harmoniously into the overall picture when using same-coloured sheets.

Universal for light-duty fixings, motion detectors, small lamps and signs can be fixed in next to no time. The use of plastic provides electrical contact protection, making USN your product of choice for light electrical applications like conjunction boxes.

USN can be mounted in almost all common building materials with impressive pull-out values. Its elastic V-shaped spring elements ensure a high spreading force. Installation is simply done by hammering the expansion nail into a drill hole Ø 6 mm.

Available in two lengths (40 and 60 mm).

Made in Germany.
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Innovative direct fastening of wall connection profiles, metal sheets, base protection profiles, cornice covers, motion detectors, small lamps, signs, etc. without thermal bridge

Suitable in almost all common building materials with good pull-out values

The elastic V-shaped spring elements ensures a high spreading force

Made with fiberglass reinforced nylon, incorporates EPDM rubber weather, aging and UV resistant

Stylish flat head in different colors

Electrical contact protection through the use of plastics

Easy disassembly by knocking off or drilling out the head

Further specifications:

  • Wall connection profiles
  • Base protection profiles
  • Cornice covers
  • Lamps
  • Motion detector
  • Signs

Areas of application:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Solid brick
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Lightweight solid concrete block
  • Hollow brick
  • Hollow sand-lime block
  • Lightweight hollow concrete block
  • Aerated concrete (only AAC 6)

6 Reviews

90% of installers recommends it

Quick to install and looks great


I used it to fix a foil at a raised-bed gardening made out of bricks and it worked just great.


Looks good and easy to fix


Ich finde die Idee eigtl gut, zumal man die Dübel nicht demontieren muss und später Löcher in der Wand hat.
Für mich ist die Tragkraft zu gering. Danke für die Muster und beste Grüße Jutta Weis


It's perfect


Quick to install and looks great.


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Universal Spreading Nail USN

Universal Spreading Nail USN

Innovative fastening for wall connection profiles - simple and quick

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