What is driving rain?

Tightness against driving rain

Building elements in insulated façade

Driving rain is a combination of rain and wind.

This article explains why driving rain can be problematic, the test procedure for driving rain tightness - especially with reference to DIN EN 1027 - and the products you can use to ensure driving rain-proof façade fixings.

Technische Zeichnung, Schlagregendichtheit bestehend aus Regen und Wind am Beispiel des Abstandmontagesystems ResiTHERM® 16

Watertightness against driving rain using the example of the ResiTHERM® 16 distance mounting system

Watertightness against driving rain using the example of the ResiTHERM® 16 distance mounting system


The wind creates pressure that pushes the water against the fixing point. 

If this is not sealed, there is a risk of water penetrating the façade due to driving rain. This can result in mould growth or, in the worst case, destruction of the plaster, frost damage and damage to the building fabric, as explained in our article about thermal bridges.

Therefore, the usage of driving rain tight (synonym for rainproof) products is of great importance - especially for fastening products that are to be installed on the façade.

Testing for driving rain tightness

Testing for driving rain tightness at Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente (PfB) in Rosenheim - means in English: Test Center for Building Elements (PfB)

During the test, a test frame containing the plastered insulation board with the installed products is installed in the test chamber. Then the sprinkling is started in the resulting testing room and the pressure is increased stepwise, following DIN EN 1027. The highest pressure level is an overpressure of 600 Pa, which corresponds to wind force 11 (Beaufort scale) or, in other words, a hurricane-like storm.

After the test period of 55 minutes, the test frame is removed, the products will be screwed out and the institute assesses whether or not water has penetrated the insulation.

Test procedure with reference to DIN EN 1027

This European standard regulates the procedure and requirements for the test.

For example, the test is carried out under the following conditions:

  • A water spray system wets the entire surface of the test element
  • In a special measuring chamber whre the amount of water and the pressure is conrolled and regulated

DIN EN 1027 provides for two different installation methods:

Method A

Installation without structural protection: The installed products are thus completely exposed to the weather.

Method B 

Installation with structural protection: The installed products are protected from the weather by porches, balconies etc.

Test procedures for CELO's products:

Products tested according to procedure A. During the test, the test pressure is increased stepwise with defined preassure and time steps acc. EN 1027.

The products were tested up to 600 Pascal (Pa) - see above test procedure with reference to DIN EN 1027.

The test is passed if no moisture enters the insulation material.

TEST RESULT: Watertight agains driving rain using EN 1027 (method 1A). For further specifications, e.g. the plaster grain size, please refer to the brief report:

Driving rain-tight insulation anchors from CELO

As a specialist with 60 years of experience in the fastening industry, CELO develops high-quality fastening solutions that save the installer assembly time and therefore money.

You can recognise CELO's innovative insulation products that have passed the driving rain tightness test according to DIN EN 1027, procedure A, by this symbol:


Energy-efficient driving rain-tight (rainproof) products from CELO:

The insulation anchors and screws from CELO are not only driving rain-tight, but also ensure thermal separation, are made of ageing-, weather- and UV-resistant nylon and are halogen-free.

The entire insulation range of fixing to the insulated façade is manufactured at the company's site in Aichach (Bavaria, Germany) - so it is guaranteed Made in Germany.

Here you will find our tested driving rain-tight product range:

ResiTHERM® 16

Heavy-duty fastening on insulated facades - tested & driving rain-tight
View product

Isolation plug IPL 95DS

Quick and clean fastening of clamps for rainwater downpipes in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)
View product

Insulation screw IPS 80

Special screw for direct fastening in platered insulation e.g. for wall connection profiles
View product

Insulation screw plug IPSD 80

Special plug for direct fixings in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)
View product

Insulation screw IPS-H 55

Quick direct fixing in wood fibre insulation boards and perimeter insulation - with pre-assembled sealing ring
View product

Insulating screw plug IPSD-H 55

Short special plug for direct fixings in wood fibre insulation boards and perimeter insulation
View product

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Convince yourself of our innovative product with ETA for driving rain-tight installation on insulated façades! Request a free demo, online seminar, additional information material or, non-binding offer or request a free product sample.

Do you have any questions about the driving rain-proof range from CELO? Can we help you find the right accessories for your application?

Our professional team is available for technical advice during telephone hours. Feel free to write us your request via the contact form and we will answer you as soon as possible!

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