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  • Why use ETA approved fixings?
    Why use ETA approved fixings?

    Why is an ETA approved product is important, how do they get this approval plus much more!

  • Self-tapping screws
    Self-tapping screws

    Discover what self-tapping screws are and how you should use them.

  • Concrete screws guide
    Concrete screws guide

    Discover the best screws for concrete, including countersunk concrete screws, self-tapping concrete screws, and much more.

  • Why to avoid thermal bridges?
    Why to avoid thermal bridges?

    Discover why you should avoid thermal bridges in your insulation installations

  • Women in engineering
    Women in engineering

    CELO celebrates International Women in Engineering day 2021

  • Overhead concrete installation
    Overhead concrete installation

    Discover whether you should be using the concrete screw or drop-in anchor in your overhead concrete installations

  • Upgraded cavity fixings
    Upgraded cavity fixings

    See how we have improved 2 of our most popular cavity fixing solutions: BT Plus and GKDZ

  • Benefits of concrete screws
    Benefits of concrete screws

    Discover 5 reasons why you should be using concrete screws to improve your efficiency.

  • Differences in screw types
    Differences in screw types

    Whats the difference between a self-tapping and self-drilling screw?

  • Easy frame plug guide
    Easy frame plug guide

    All about frame plug materials, types, applications and more!

  • FORCE ONE recognition
    FORCE ONE recognition

    The FORCE ONE gains intergalactic recognition this May the 4th

  • Installations with the MFR
    Installations with the MFR

    Why use the MFR 10x60 FB to install split air-conditioning units?

  • Concrete Mechanical anchors
    Concrete Mechanical anchors

    Sleeve anchors, wedge anchors and concrete screws, all provide high load values on concrete but each has its own strengths. We help you make your choice!

  • World Book Day 2021
    World Book Day 2021

    See what books our colleagues are recommending this year

  • Comparing top selling nailers
    Comparing top selling nailers

    In a test comparing the most popular nail guns of 2021, CELO's FORCE ONE comes out on top, demonstrating superior power, ergonomics and design.

  • Middle East product promotion
    Middle East product promotion

    CELO looks to expand their presence in the Middle East promoting ETA fixings and providing demonstrations for direct impact fixing solutions

  • Update: Balkan region
    Update: Balkan region

    Working with distributors to expand their presence and build new product displays

  • CELO arrives in Japan!
    CELO arrives in Japan!

    Find out about our new collaboration with Wakai in Japan and how we adapt to other specific markets.

  • NEW MFR with 2 setting depths
    NEW MFR with 2 setting depths

    CELO introduces the new MFR 10. Install securely thanks to its improved design in a wide range of applications.

  • COVID-19 health plan
    COVID-19 health plan

    Get to know CELO's plan for the COVID-19 heath emergency

  • New catalogue 2020
    New catalogue 2020

    The new CELO Fixings catalogue presents a wide range of innovative technical fastening solutions.

  • Our logo celebrates 1 year
    Our logo celebrates 1 year

    CELO celebrates the anniversary of its new logo with a contest in its social media channels

  • Christmas donation 2019
    Christmas donation 2019

    CELO auctions cookies and donates to the non-profit association "Help for Burkina Faso"!

  • ProtectFIX window protection
    ProtectFIX window protection

    The ProtectFIX window protection is unique, because it is the first retrofittable mounting system for fall and burglary protection on the market!

  • Insulation screw IPS-H
    Insulation screw IPS-H

    The new CELO insulation screw IPS-H is specialized on direct fastening in wood fibre insulation boards and perimeter insulation. Check it out!

  • Dach+Holz fair 2020
    Dach+Holz fair 2020

    A warm invitation to our CELO booth (113 in hall 9) at the DACH+HOLZ International trade fair in Stuttgart 2020. CELO presents it's innovations!

  • Welcome to CELO!
    Welcome to CELO!

    Two new trainees start their training program at CELO! Welcome to the team!

  • CELO 's new branding
    CELO 's new branding

    CELO introduces its new branding image

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