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Maximising profits for distributors

CELO wants to help our retailers grow their businesses, by providing them with the right products that suit their customer needs. We work closely with our retailers to provide a seamless experience that will have their customer coming back for more. 

Understanding that each retailer is individual is important and and that is why we customise the experience for each one. Whether that's through product information and technical support, custom made displays, or providing you with the materials you need to create a multi-channel campaign, we are here to help you grow. 

Product information

Helping you understand the product to provide a better service to your customers, providing them with the most up to date information and solutions for their projects. 

If you need more information about one of our products then check out our website, where you will find information like advantages and best uses, or you can use one of our resources below. 

technical support

Technical Support

Our specialised technical team are here to help you whenever you need it. Providing personalised assistance to solve your technical questions or provide installation guidance. 

Installations videos

On our YouTube channel you'll find many videos about our products and how to install them properly. This is ideal if you are looking for quick informative answers.


Not sure what product you are looking for? Head to our downloads section where you will be able to downlaod a catalogue of all our products. We also provide downloads of technical documents (ETA), Declaration of performances (DoP), safety data sheets and quality certificates.  

Point of sales

We want to make sure that your sales displays are engaging for your customers, providing them with all the information that they need to make the right choice for their installation projects. 

Pick 'n' Mix

Our Pick 'n' Mix displays are the perfect solution for providing that tailor-made experience. Your customers can get exactly what they want without having to wonder what they will do with all the spares.
Pick and mix stand

Online assets

If you are looking to create a multi-channel experience between your distribution centres and online store, then we are able to help work with you in the creation of online assets like banners and homepage images.
Digital assets

Custom made displays

Have a certain space that you are looking to fill, or wanting to give your display a certain look? Then just let us know and we can work with you to provide you with a display that you are proud to have in your distribution centre.
custom made displays

Printable materials

Catalogues, leaflets, posters - These are all great ways of informing customers of products that you are selling as well as providing additional information about the products, how they work and where they work best.
Downloadable printable materials

Back office

To complete the seamless experience with CELO we also provide assistance in the back office to make sure your payments and databases are the most up to date. 

Product data feeds

Get our most accurate and up to date product information straight to your databases, so you can answer those customer queries quickly and don't keep them waiting. 

Electronic payments

Easy and efficient to use, our electronic payments system means that you can manage your orders easily and not have to keep track of annoying papers. 

Online support

We are here to support our retailers every step of the way. We want to make sure that you provide the right products that your customers are looking for and then be able to maximise and grow your business potential. If you want to become a retailer or would like any information then please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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