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How we've been helping installers ACRoss the globe

From producing innovative screws that help save time and money to providing technical assistance and product demonstrations, we are here to help every step of the way.

At CELO we believe that even the smallest screw can make a big difference which is why we have dedicated ourselves to producing high-quality products that improve the installers efficiency.  

With over 50 years experience and working with some of the most talented specialists in the industry we have created many systems and thousands of innovative products that help cut down on installation times. 

save time and money

From listening to our clients and receiving feedback and insights into their industries, we have gained priceless information which we have taken seriously in the manufacturing of our products.

We understand the pressures that installers work under, and therefore our products have been designed to meet their needs to save both time and money.

Whether you're installing overhead for electrical conduits or looking to install plumbing and sanitary fixings to the walls or floors, we have developed complete solutions that are easy to work with, cost efficient, and even look great! 

Force one gas nailer installation
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Expand your business

By providing faster installation times, it doesn't just mean you save money on labour costs. With highly efficient fixings you will have more time to take on more projects, helping to expand your business and further grow your annual profits. Who doesn't love more business?! 

Our products have also been designed to ensure customer loyalty and have been manufactured to the highest standards of safety and durability, meaning your fixings should last a long time and withstand a lot of external pressures.  

Assistance at every step

We want to make sure that we provide the best experience possible for all installers of our products, which is why we have many points of contact for every step of the journey. 

Technical support

Our specialised technical team are here to help you whenever you need it. Providing personalised assistance to solve your technical questions or provide installation guidance.

Product information

If you need more information about product then find the product on our website, where you will find out it's advantages and best uses, or you can get in contact with our friendly team who will be more than happy to provide additional information.

Installtion videos

On our YouTube channel you'll find many videos about our products and how to install them properly. This is ideal if you are looking for quick informative answers.


Not sure what product you are looking for? Head to our downloads section where you will be able to downlaod a catalogue of our products. We also provide downloads of technical documents (ETA), Declaration of performances (DoP), safety data sheets and quality certificates.
Technical support


We have a wide range of products that have been helping installers improve their efficeincy, from the smallest screw to our gas powered nailers, we have what you've been looking for! Below is a small selection of the products we believe can help you.

For direct fastenings without pre-drilling we have developed several highly efficient solutions ranging from our Force One gas nailer to the range of accessories to use with it. 

Our BTS direct fastening system allows a direct and fast installation in to solid building materials. Easy to install it can even be fixed with a hand-held screwdriver!

Multi-diameter nylon clamps that have been especially designed for electrical or plumbing installations, for a quick and easy fixing. Just press on the pipe to lock in place! 

We are here to support our clients at every step of the way. We want to make sure that you find the correct products that you need to complete your projects with efficiency and ease. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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