Step Up Your
FORCE ONE Installations

Universal solutions don't optimize professionals' work. That's why CELO has developed the widest range of accessories that optimize professionals' time and costs. Discover them here!

The largest range of accessories for pipping, conduits, cabling, channeling and others:

Product image of plastic clamp Abranyl ABT grey

Multidiameter clamp Abranyl® ABT

Multidiameter nylon clamp for electrical installations

Product image of pipe ring clip UT

Multiclip clamp UT

Polyamide open clamp for nailers

Plastic conduit clip FP for...

Plastic conduit clip FP for nailers

Plastic pipe clip for nailers

Double plastic conduit clip...

Double plastic conduit clip FPD for n...

Install pipes in parallel with one fixing point

Product image of cable tie fastener TBB black

Cable tie mount TBB

Specially designed to install lightweight pipes and cables using cable ties

Product image of cable tie fastener TBL black

Cable tie base with cable tie TBBL

For a fast and cheap installation of pipes

Product image of cable tie fastener TBD

Double cable tie base TBBD

For side-by-side installations with only one fixing point

Base with cable tie TBT

Base with cable tie TBT

The fastest nailing accessory for rigid and flexible pipes installations with cable ties.

Product image of cable tie fastener TBM

Metal cable tie mount TBM

Metal mount with hole for installation with a nailer or plug and screw

metal clip PFT

Nailing Conduit Metal Clip PFT

For fast installation of conduits with nailers.

Double conduit metal clip DFT

Double conduit metal clip DFT

Install fast and Secure with Fire Resistant Metal Clips

Product image of metal cable hanger CHS 41

Multicable hanger clamp CHS, for nailers

Fast installation of multiple cables in walls and ceilings with a nailer.

Nailing Cable Clasp NCC

Nailing Cable Clasp NCC

Easily add or remove cables as needed with this flat and multi cable clasp



Plastic clip for flat cables for nailers.

Product image of rod hanger ATV 4,5,6

Threaded rod hanger ATV

Install anchor rods on ceilings with a nailer

Product image of rod hanger ATV 8 with height adjustment

Threaded rod hanger ATV M8

Adjustable height with M8 thread for mounting anchor rods.

Product image of rod hanger ATV 8

Threaded rod hanger ATVS M8

Threaded rod hanger for gas nailer

Product image of stud accessory ATR 6

Metal stud accessory ATR

With metric thread for fastening pipe clamps

Metal ceiling hanger AAT

Metal ceiling hanger AAT

Install suspension cables and chains with a nailer

Metal washer AW for nailers

Metal washer AW for nailers

Quick mounting option for installations with a nailer

Plastic washer AP diam.30

Plastic washer AP diam.30

Quick solution for fixing insulation/waterproofing boards.

Product image of punched metal tape Cintapolo CA

Punched metal tape CA

For flexible installations with a nailer

Product image of textile stripe TXS black

Textile tape TXS

Textile tape for fastening cables and pipes on floors

How to choose the right size nail

Choosing the right size nail to work with your material and product can make a difference in its holding power. Our premium XHA steel nails are ideal for both hard materials like concrete and steel, and softer ones like wood. 

As well as an ETA approval (minimum homologated length is 22mm) all CELO nailing accessories are made of A1 steel and have a fire approval rating

Discover how to choose the perfect nail size for your project by clicking the button below.

ETA-Approved System

To get the ETA approval, it is essential to use the complete FORCE ONE system, including the FORCE ONE gas nailer, the XHA nails (minimum homologated length is 22mm), and CELO nailing accessories. The ETA certification is tied to the integration and compatibility of these components. It is important that all users adhere to our recommended products for the ETA approval to remain valid.

Change the way you install

Improve the performance of your installations, save time, and reduce costs by using our large range of nailing accessories, specially designed for every need. See how to install each one of them in our YouTube installation playlist.

If you have any questions about our FORCE ONE accessories, nails, or any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.