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Insulation plug IPL 95DS

CELO Insulation plug solution for ETICS fixings with external thermal insulation.


The insulation plug IPL 95DS offers a perfect solution for fastening downpipes directly in ETICS without thermal bridge: simple, flexible, fast and adjustable! The patented plug consists of a one-piece plug including a pre-assembled sealing ring and a pre-mounted special threaded stud:

1. Made of weather-resistant cellular rubber the pre-mounted sealing ring ensures a secure adaption to the surface (Ø = 44,5 mm).

2. The special threaded rod with a zinc flake coating or in stainless steel A2 guarantees a high corrosion resistance. With this special pre-mounted threaded rod you achieve an ideal distance of 30 mm between the rainwater downpipe and the wall, while simple and accurate adjustment of further 25 mm to your individual circumstances is possible.

3. Thanks to the self-drilling tip, the innovative IPL 95DS can be applied extremely fast without pre-drilling (ETICS plaster until 7 mm).

The ageing- weather- and UV-resistant nylon plug "made in Germany" withstands temperatures from -40 to +80 °C. Mount it with the drives SW17 (plug), SW13 (hex nut) or TX25 (threaded rod).

Packed by 4 pcs incl. installation instruction in a bag.

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Perfect solution for fastening downpipes in ETICS: simple, flexible, fast and adjustable!

Direct fastening into the insulation material - no thermal bridge

Pre-mounted special threaded stud: ideal distance of 30 mm of the rainwater downpipe from the wall adjustment of further 25 mm possible

Pre-assembled sealing ring made out of weather resistant cellular rubber

Self-drilling (ETICS plaster 7 mm) and robust nylon plug, ageing resistant

Special threaded stud made out of zinc flake coating for optimal corrosion resistance

External thread M8

Further specifications

  • Rainwater downpipe
  • Letterbox
  • Lighting system ceilings
  • Window blocks

Areas of application

  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • Polystyrene boards
  • Hard foam boards
  • Wood fibre insulation boards (pre-drilling: 13mm)
  • Heraklith boards



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