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Insulation screw plug IPSD 80

Quick, flexible direct fastening in ETICS - no thermal bridge!


The insulation screw plug IPSD 80 is a special plug, that allows an extremely fast fixing without thermal bridge in ETICS. The IPSD 80 is ideally suitable for direct fixing into insulation materials of wall connection profiles and other light duty fixings such as motion detectors when used in combination with a 4.5 mm diameter plumber screw. The perfectly matched internal geometry allows easy screwing in of the plumber screw. The special plug can be mounted directly into the insulation material with a TX drive (TX25) or removed. Another advantage is that only a small hole remains in the insulation material after disassembly. The special plug IPSD 80 is made out of glass-fibre reinforced, weather and aging resistant nylon. With a length of 80 mm, the IPSD 80 can be used for almost all insulated facades. Suitable insulation materials are styrofoam boards, hard foam boards, polystyrene boards and wood fibre boards. Due to the distinctive thread, the plug achieves a recommended load value of approx. 6 kg. Due to its sharp drilling tip, the innovative insulation plug screw IPSD 80 can usually be installed in ETICS without pre-drilling.

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Special screw for direct fastening into external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) - fast and without thermal bridges!

For fastening of wall connection profiles, metal sheets, base protection profiles, cornice covers, motion detectors, lamps, signs, etc. into the insulation material

To be used with plumber screws 4,5 mm

No pre-drilling in plaster (≤ 7 mm) due to sharp drilling tip

80 mm length for a good hold in the insulation material

Suitable for clearance holes ≥ Ø 8 mm (common for wall profiles)

Made of robust glass-fibre reinforced nylon

Further specifications

  • Wall connection profiles
  • Metal sheets
  • Base protection profiles
  • Cornice covers
  • Motion detector
  • Lamps
  • Signs

Areas of application

  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • Styrofoam boards
  • Hard foam boards
  • Polystyrene boards
  • Wood fibre boards



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