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Standing toilet installation set FRH

Special sanitary set for standing toilets


The standing toilet installation set FRH is suitable for simple and fast fastening of standing toilets and bidets on the floor. The set includes two patented support angles and matching chipboard screws 5x45 in stainless steel A2. This allows the set to be used for many different standing toilets and bidets. The two included flanged bushes protect the ceramic. The 4-side expanding nylon plug FX ensures high pull out loads in nearly all base materials. Its collar prevents the dowel from slipping into the drill hole. In addition, the set contains two zinc flake coated hex-head screws 6x60 for secure anchoring in the ground (SW 10 / PZ 2) and two cover caps in the colour chrome.

Set content:

2 plugs FX 8

2 hex-head screws 6x60 with zinc flake coating

2 patented support angles

2 chipboard screws 5x45, stainless steel A2

2 flanged bushes

2 cover caps chrome

Product overview

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Fast and easy installation of standing toilets and bidets to the floor

Sets with plugs FX (+ hex-head screws 6x60) can be used for nearly all building materials

Patented support angles (+ chipboard screw 5x45) can be used for many different standing toilets and bidets

Flanged bushes protect ceramics

Screws in stainless steel ensure corrosion resistance

Further specifications

  • WC toilet
  • Sanitary products

Areas of application

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Solid brick
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Aerated concrete
  • Hollow brick
  • Hollo sand-lime brick


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