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Standing toilet installation set WC

Special sanitary set for standing toilets


The standing toilet installation set WC is suitable for fastening standing toilets. The set with universal plug AZ can be used for nearly all builiding materials, such as concrete, solid bricks, hollow bricks, plasterboard and chipboard.

The brass screws ensure high corrosion protection, even against aggressive cleaning agents, while the plastic washers with collar protect the ceramic. Cover caps in white (and chrome) finsish off the installation.

The ready to use set contains:
2x plugs AZ 8,
2x brass hex-head screws 6x85 (slotted),
2x protection rings,
2x cover caps white,
2x cover caps chrome (only in set 9BFWC and in the blister).

The sets are packed in PVC bags.

Discover the practical blister pack consisting of 2 plugs, screws, protective rings, white and chrome caps - ready to use for your individual installation.
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Ready to use set with all components for fastening of standing toilets

Brass screws ensure corrosion resistance

Plastic washers with collar protect the ceramic

Sets with universal plugs AZ can be used for nearly all building materials

Further specifications:

  • Standing toilets

Areas of application:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Solid brick
  • Fibreboards
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Lightweight solid concrete block
  • Aerated concrete
  • Hollow sand-lime block
  • Lightweight hollow concrete block
  • Chipboards
  • Hollow brick

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