3 tips to increase the efficiency of construction installations by 2021

The biggest challenge for construction companies is to be able to deliver their projects on time and with high quality by managing their existing resources. This was made more difficult by the pandemic, which has made it even more difficult to meet deadlines due to loss of a person due to illness or quarantine, as well as the distance to be observed between each worker.

There is a gradual increase in the need for companies to carry out projects faster, more efficiently and more economically, while also using quality materials; because safety must be guaranteed when working.

History has shown that crisis-resistant businesses are able to be optimistic about changing market situations, and business leaders will find a way out with new, innovative solutions.

We want to help businesses work efficiently, economically, safely and contribute to create more energy-efficient buildings with these 3 tips.

1Effective fastenings for and in insulation

CELO is the market leader in insulation fixings for fastening into external insulation boards. Thanks to fastening without a thermal bridge, it provides effective thermal insulation during construction. Our insulation fasteners prove to be extremely effective for insulated façade installations, gutter drains and wall connection profiles.

The IPS 80 screw allows direct mounting into the insulation without a thermal bridge. It can be used to attach wall profiles, metal sheets, lamps, sensors, boards, etc. The screw is made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, it is weather and UV resistant.

The IPSD 80 insulation plug also allows for a quick fastening directly into insulation. Thanks to its sharp tip, it does not require pre-drilling and its installation is extremely fast. Made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, it is weather and UV resistant. We recommend using with wall profiles, sheet metal, lamps, sensors, etc.

CELO IPL is a special plug for façade insulation systems. It allows direct fixation to the insulation material without a thermal bridge. Due to its sharp cutting tip, it does not require pre-drilling, and it can be drilled reliably even on hard plaster (≤ 7 mm). Thanks to its self-drilling system, it easily passes through thermal insulation. It can withstand high threads and high loads.

CELO ResiTHERM is the perfect solution for distance fixing in hollow masonry. It is a heavy duty system for awnings, canopies, French balconies, railings, satellite dishes, etc. for insulated facades. Thanks to the robust, high-quality fibreglass-reinforced fastening body made of durable nylon, no thermal bridge is created.

2Building electrical installations for efficient direct fixings in concrete

You can save money and time by carefully selecting the elements of fixing in concrete for building electrical installations. CELO Fixings aims to offer the most efficient solution possible for every situation from its wide range of products.

With our concrete screws, you can easily secure loads on your own, without any other accessories, with extreme ease. All you need is to pre-drill a hole and screw it in! You can find more information about the system by clicking on the link. 

With our FORCE ONE system, the time required for installation can be significantly reduced, thus reducing project costs.

3Safety, quality and fire safety certifications

Qualified products guarantee the safety and quality of installation and fire resistance in special conditions. To this end, our company places great emphasis on the CE, ETA and fire resistance certifications of its products. These products for electrical installations not only enable installation and repair, but also contribute to the sustainable and efficient development of the construction industry.