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Construction screw BMax countersunk head TX, blue zinc plated

High Performance from tip to head


The construction screw BMax with European Technical Approval for use in timber construction for highest requirements and constant quality.

The TX-drive guarantees perfect power transfer. Special notch tip and shank cutter for quick bite without splitting. The tip thread area reduces splitting and secures a flush finishing. Thanks to the shank cutter the setting torque is reduced and battery life increased (especially for long screws). Due the coating of the BMax (blue zinc plated) the setting torque will be additionally reduced. That way you save time and money during installation

The countersunk head of the BMax screw enables flush finishing in the base material.
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ETA approval for the highest quality requirements

The serrations under the head allow to be inserted into and flush with the wood

Special kerb point for quick insertion without cracking the wood

Perfect power transfer

Shank cutter reduces the setting torque and increases the battery life (especially for long screws)

Further specifications:

  • Structural wood roofings
  • Wood facades
  • Square timber
  • Wood constructions
  • Wood porch
  • Wood houses

Areas of application:

  • Wood

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