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Self-adhesive PVC cover Magic Tap MTAP craftsman pack

Self-adhesive PVC cover with exteme adhesive strength


The self-adhesive PVC cover Magic Tap stickers in craftsman pack are available in 14 different colours. They are nearly invisible and help you to cover countersunk screws, such as VELOX® screws, chipboard screws or BMax screws, in the matter of seconds, in a discreet and matching colour. They imitate the wood structure e.g. of oak tree, cherry tree, pine or maple and other surfaces like aluminium, black, grained white or beige.

Due the extreme adhesive strength Magic Tap adheres without problems on wood veneer and smooth surfaces. It´s made of permanently durable material, has a diameter of 13 mm and is water resistant.

The advantage craftsman pack with 1,000 Magic Taps is ideal for larger requirements.

Minor deviations of the colour possible.
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Extreme adhesive strength on wood veneer and smooth surfaces

Permanently durable material, water resistant

Matches all countersunk screws

Matching cover caps in assorted colours

Further specifications:

  • Furniture
  • Wood imitation

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