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Anchor stud VA AST

Anchor studs vor bonded anchor VA


The pointed threaded rod VA AST is an ETA-approved product in combination with the bonded anchor VA for non-cracked concrete (option 7). Choose from our wide range of galvanized steel 5.8 and stainless steel A4.

Special features: The threaded rod is not only supplied with nut and washer, but a setting tool is included in every package. This tool is clamped in the drill and VA AST can be mounted in next to no time.

To install, push the VA bonded anchor into the cleaned drill hole, clamp the setting tool and the pointed anchor rod VA AST in the drill and install it rotating with impact. During this process, the glass tube VA is crushed and mixes with the resin, hardener and aggregates. This joint between steel, reaction mortar and the base material concrete is your solution for the installation of heavy loads with small edge distances.
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Anchor studs with sharpened tip

With nut and washer

Every box contains a setting tool

The ETA assessment option 7 expects at least 50 years of working life in non-cracked concrete due to extensive tests

Further specifications:

  • Guard rails
  • Steel constructions
  • Machines

Areas of application:

  • Concrete

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