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Blister Plastic sleeve SH

Plastic sleeve for ResiFIX


The SH plastic sleeve in the practical blister ensures optimum distribution and uniform curing of the ResiFIX injection mortar in the perforated stone. The centering cap of the plastic sleeve SH simplifies the insertion of the chemical mortar. Choose from our wide range suitable for threaded rods M6-M16. One sleeve size is suitable for several anchor rod diameters.

In combination with the ResiFIX injection mortar and the RESI AST anchor rod, the SH plastic sleeve is ETA-approved for heavy-duty fixings in perforated brick and thus guarantees highest user safety. Note, that the system (resin, sleeve and anchor rod) is only approved completely if approved components are used.

The practical blister with EURO punching contains 4 plastic sleeves SH.
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ETA-approved in connection with injection mortar ResiFIX and anchor rod RESI AST

Centering cap for perfect positioning of the anchor rod

One diameter is suitable for several anchor rod diameters

Further specifications:

  • Steel constructions
  • Cantilevers
  • Facade substructures
  • Machines
  • Guard rails
  • Canopies
  • Distance mountings
  • Window and door frame fixings
  • Wood constructions

Areas of application:

  • Hollow brick
  • Hollow sand-lime block
  • Lightweight hollow concrete block

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