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Quick-fix anchor BA plus

The standard anchor for heavy-duty in concrete


The quick-fix anchor BA plus is your proven standard anchor for heavy loads. The galvanised BA plus in diameters M6-M20 is the right choice for manifold fastenings as it is very suitable for non-cracked concrete and suitable to a limited extent for dense natural stone (up to M8). All sizes habe a long thread for greater application flexibility. A plus in user-friendliness due the yellow setting depth marking ring and due the effective thread protection during hammering-in. High load values for your safety.

The rounded expansion cone simplifies the installation of the anchor, especially for mounting-through installation. The well legible imprint prevents mistakes at the construction site. High precision and hardness by cold forming of the bolt and thread.

A wide range of BA plus with large washer according to ISO 7094 (DIN 440) for woodworking is available for you.

Most sizes of BA plus comply with the criteria of the ETA assessment option 7 for use in non-cracked concrete.

For your individual projects check out the BA plus blister with transparent hood.
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ETA-approved for quick installation in non-cracked concrete and partly in dense natural stone (up to M8)

Embedment depth marking ring

Long thread for more flexibility

Further specifications:

  • Steel supports
  • Attaching steel structures
  • Guard rails
  • Facade substructures
  • Machines
  • Doors
  • Pipelines
  • Cable trays
  • Storage racks

Areas of application:

  • Concrete
  • Dense natural stone

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