Nailing Cable Clasp NCC for 4 cables

Easily add or remove cables as needed with this flat and multi cable clasp
Nailing Cable Clasp NCC for 4 cables
Nailing Cable Clasp NCC for 4 cables
EN - Technical drawing of nailing cable clasp NCC
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Material :
Length [mm] L:
Width [mm] B:
Height [mm] H:
Ø6-Cable max. capacity :
6 cables
Ø8-Cable max. capacity :
4 cables
Ø10-Cable max. capacity :
3 cables
Packaging units:
Packaging type.:
Reference Description

The Nailing Cable Clasp NCC is a cable mounting solution that allows you to easily add or remove cables as needed, making it the perfect solution for electrical installations.

It has been designed exclusively for direct impact fixings with gas nailers, without the need to use a plug and screw and is compatible with both CELO nailers, FORCE ONE and FOX. Benefit from an easier overhead mounting by attaching the NCC nailing cable clasp to the nose of the gas nailer and secure it in only one step.

The flat design enables a tight and organized cable distribution, saving space, while the open construction with windows enables additional cable support with cable ties. NCC combines simple handling and easy cable insertion with a stable, reinforced design, which enables installation at lower temperatures and in several base materials.

4NCC allows the fixing of up to 4 Ø8 mm cables, and it is compatible with cables with a diameter between 6 - 10mm.

Made in Germany with high-quality nylon, the NCC is a versatile solution that offers long-lasting durability. Plus, it's halogen-free and RoHs compliant.

  • Cable installation
Further specifications

Key features:

  • Fast fixing with nailer of several cables with only one fixing point
  • Developed exclusively for direct impact fixing with a nailer, without a plug and screw. Compatibility with FORCE ONE and FOX
  • Easy cable adding and removing for time saving
  • Flat design that allows a tight and organized cable distribution, saving space
  • Specially designed for the fixing of up to 4 Ø 8 mm cables.
  • Open design with windows that enables additional cable holding with cable ties
  • Suitable for cables sizes between 6 mm and 10 mm
  • Ageaing and weather-resistant nylon
  • Halogen-free
  • RoHS approved
Base materials
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Solid stone
  • Wood
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