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Textile tape TXS

Textile tape for fastening cables and pipes on floors


The textile tape TXS is a simple and fast solution for fastening cables and electrical or water pipes on floors. Available in two sizes (19 mm and 15 mm width) and two colors (black and grey). The TXS 19 mm width is made of PS (polystyrene) and the 15 mm width is made of PP (polypropylene). They have been specially designed to resist the impact of the gas nailer and the nail. You don't need a washer to fix it, only using the nail will be enough.
It is served with 10 meters rolls in black color.
The TXS is a quick and cost-efficient solution that will save the installer time and effort. The rolls are 10 meters long.
Product overview

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Quick and easy installation

Several cables and pipes can be fastened in parallel

Good and multipurpose solution for multiple pipes on the floor

Easy to handle, cut and fix with gas nailer

The strip resist the hit of direct impact nail and doesn't need a washer to fix it

No risk of damaging pipes

Further specifications:

  • Electric cables
  • Cable fixing
  • Fastening parallel pipes
  • Fixings pipes to the floor for plumbing and heating installations

Areas of application:

  • This product is not installed directly on a base material

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