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Double plastic conduit clip FPD for gas nailer

Double plastic conduit clip for gas nailer


The plastic conduit clip FPD is a clever multidiameter solution, as each clip covers 3 pipe diameters. It offers maximum flexibility in use, as it is compatible with every gas nailer.

First the conduit clip FPD is fixed to the pipes and afterwards pinned to the wall with a gas nailer in a matter of seconds! The double clamp is perfect for parallel mounted pipes, as both pipes can be fixed with only one fixing point. It is also suitable for flexible empty tubes on the floor and the alignment marking of the FPD supports the installation of cables in a straight line.

The conduit clip FPB is halogen free meaning it is flame-retardant and releases little smoke or toxic gases in the case of fire.
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Multidiameter: each clip covers 3 tube diameters

Two marks on the base help to align the fixing

Quick installation in two steps: First the clip is fixed to the pipe and after that is nailed in

Loading resistance from 6 till 10 kilos according to size

Suitable for fastening with gas nailer

Further specifications:

  • PVC pipes
  • Sanitary fixings
  • Corrugated pipes

Areas of application:

  • Solid stone
  • Concrete
  • Concrete block
  • Solid brick
  • Steel
  • Hollow concrete block
  • Wood
  • Steel beam

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