Anchor bolts

Extensive range of quick-fix anchors for high quality installations in concrete.

Quick-fix anchors, also known as bolt anchors or wedge anchors, are a temperature-resistant solution for medium to heavy installations in concrete. The expansion clip at the tip of the anchor anchors itself firmly in the drill hole, effectively counteracting the load on the anchor. In addition, the great advantage of the quick-fix anchors is that they allow reliable fastening even with very small edge and axial distances.

We offer a wide range of quick-fix anchors for various applications, such as ETA-approved high-performance anchor bolts for cracked concrete and use under seismic action, quick-fix anchors, anchors made of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised or highly corrosion-resistant for outdoor use or use underwater, wedge anchors with a large washer for timber construction and many more!

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Showing 1-9 of 9 item(s)