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Single label quick-fix anchor BAZ zinc plated

Maximum security for each project


The zinc plated single label quick-fix anchor BAZ is excellently suited for a variety of fixings in cracked and non-cracked concrete, as confirmed by the ETA rating option 1 for cracked concrete - but can also be for dense natural stone (up to M8). Due to its long thread, the BAZ quick-fix anchor ensures greater flexibility in application, especially for distance installations.

Due to its elaborate expansion clip geometry, it quickly and safely anchors itself to the base material and achieves high load values even with small edge and axial distances. The perfect adjustment between the cone and the expansion sleeve ensures reliable expansion behaviour and high load values.

Particularly in the case of push-through installation through wood, the rounding of the expansion cone simplifies the setting of the fireproof anchor (according to fire resistance class R120).

The BAZ has a special impact protection on the head to protect the thread when hammering in. Thus the pre-assembled nut can always be unscrewed without any problems. Thanks to cold forming of the bolt and the thread, the BAZ reaches high hardness and precision and is approved as an anchor subjected to seismic loading (category C1). According to the VdS guideline, it may also be used for fixing pipes for fire extinguishing systems to concrete ceilings.
suitable for indoor application.

Choose the desired quantity for your individual project with the galvanized single lable BAZ!
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ETA-approved for quick installation in non-cracked concrete and partly in dense natural stone (up to M8)

Long thread for more flexibility

Distinctive knurls ensure a good grip and quick tightening of the anchor

The bolt and thread is cold-forged, giving the BAZ high precision and making it very strong

Punched bolt head prevents thread destruction while hammering.

A rounding of the expansion cone eases the anchor`s insertion into the hole especially when installed through wood

The perfect adjustment between cone and clip ensures reliable expansion and consistent high pull-out loads

Available in many different materials: galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel A4 and stainless steel HCR

Further specifications:

  • Steel supports
  • Attaching steel structures
  • Railings (Outdoor: use stainless steel A4 or HCR)
  • Facade substructures
  • Machines
  • Doors
  • Pipelines
  • Cable trays

Areas of application:

  • Concrete
  • Dense natural stone

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