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Screw with internal nut thread Torab® P

Chipboard screw with welding metric nut on the head


The Torab® TRBP wood screw with internal thread connection for M6 or M8 has been designed to easily install rods in hollow materials, such as hollow bricks, hollow ceilings, or hollow concrete blocks. It can be used directly in wood, but is also a perfect solution for hollow materials, when combined with e.g. nylon plugs.

It's hex head (SW10) with internal thread allows you to screw in a M6 or M8 threaded rod without any further adaptors needed. All in one piece, which makes assembly easier and you saves almost 50% installation time compared to alternative methods, especially with the double thread for quick screwing in. Made of steel and zinc plated coating.

Use the socket wrench 10 (910LLTRBCA) for mounting Torab® P with a battery screwdriver. It fits the hex head of the screw and helps you to install it even more effortless.

Product overview

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Ideal for fixing in hollow bricks, hollow ceilings and hollow concrete block.

Can be used as a downspout rod

Hex-head screw with internal thread

Suitable for metric thread M6-M8

Easy to use and reduction of time

Further specifications:

  • Ceiling installations
  • Threaded rods

Areas of application:

  • Hollow concrete block
  • Cavity ceilings
  • Hollow brick
  • Wood

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