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CELOPLAST screw thread IP81 for plastics pan head PH+slot

CELOPLAST screw for plastics

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CELOPLAST screws provide higher pull-out resistance, improve ergonomics and avoid deformation of plastic bosses, greatly enhancing the technical properties of self-tapping screws. These advantages are obtained thanks to a combination of technical features specifically designed for fixing plastic. CELOPLAST screw is recommended for assemblies in thermoplastics materials with a bending modulus between 500 and 30.000 kg/cm2
Product overview

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Less radial tension on plastic. It allows for bosses with smaller diameter and reduces the problem of boss bursting

Quick alignment of the screw before fixing, thus reducing assembly time

Lower thread forming torque, which offers a more ergonomic assembly

More resistant to pull-out and stripping, which enables its use in assemblies with high pull-out resistance and/or compression requirements

The increase of surface contact between threads and nut member improves vibration loosening resistance

Possibility to reuse the screw, reducing the risk of stripping

All of these advantages directly translate into a more resistant assembly, greater safety during threading and lower costs in assembly process.Apart from the references available in stock, we produce customised screws to fit your exact requirements

To improve their functionality, CELOPLAST screws can be produced under different head styles, recess, dimensions and coating configuration.

Further specifications

  • Electric material
  • Automotive
  • Household appliances
  • Lighting
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Sports material
  • Toys

Areas of application

  • Glass fiber
  • Plastics

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