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Phenolic screws FEC/FEP

Phenolic screw, the solution to the cracking of the phenolic panels


The phenolic wood screw with countersunk or pan head is specially designed to be able to thread on thin composite panels. Due to its compact core made with resin and high density fibres, phenolic panels are resistant to scratch, impact and water, but all these benefits could be easily jeopardized by a screw or other perforations. One of the main advantages is that it avoids damaging the board, since the generated threading torque is very low compared to the solutions previously offered, thus reducing the risk of screw breakage and preventing cracking and unhooking of the phenolic panel (also known as phenolic board). Available in stainless steel and steel in zinc plated coating.

Phenolic panels are boards manufactured with the help of woven fabrics and/or high density thermo-setting cellulose fabrics along with phenolic resins that are often used in construction and furnitures. Phenolic boards are also used in façade cladding. Using the right fastener as our phenolic screw will guarantee the best performance of the assembly and keep the properties of these materials.
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Wood screw for fixing fittings on composite or fiber cement facades

Further specifications:

  • Fittings
  • Hinges
  • Door handles

Areas of application:

  • Phenolic pannel

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