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Multidiameter clamp Abranyl® Double ABMD

Double nylon clamp multidiameter multifunctional installation systems


CELO's Abranyl® Double clamp is a multidiameter clamp made of nylon. Each reference covers three tube diameters. The ABMD, being completely closed, embraces the tube, offering greater security against expansion due to the temperature contrast of the tubes. Quick and easy installation, just by pressing the tube you can close several clamps at the same time, without tools. Having two clamps in the same set makes it ideal for exposed heating installations. It can be fixed with E2000PB, E2000PG and 1000PVC channels. In addition, through its hole, it can be screwed directly to the wall with a 4.5x35/45 screw and an FX Ø6 plug.
Available in white color.
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It can be installed on E2000PB, E2000PG and 1000PVC profile, NP5x35 screw-plug, nylon FX Ø6+Ø4.5x45 screw

Closes automatically when pipe is pushed in; saves time and money

Multiple fixing types with plug and screw, channels, threaded rod and nail plugs

For all types of plastic pipes (multilayer, polypropylene, polybutylene, ...)

The KIWA-approved clamp can be used for hot water pipes in a temperature range from -10°C to 90°C in continuous operation and in peaks from -25°C to 130ºC

Further specifications:

  • Plastic pipes
  • Heating pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • Multilayer pipes
  • Copper pipes

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