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Plastic bag EPDM rubber clamp M8+M10 RI

EPDM rubber lined clamp M8+M10 reinforced with double rib


The APOLO EPDM rubber lined clamps M8+M10 has a connecting nut with a special resistance due his cross welding. Multifunction screw with hexagonal combination head (slot and crosshead). The clamp incorpores double reinforcement ribs and includes silicon rubber lining suitable for high temperature. Age-resistant lining. More threaded part in the closing profile to guarantee a better grip and wider profile from diameter Ø75 mm. Made of high quality steel.
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High strength due to double reinforcing ribs

Noise reduction according to DIN EN ISO 3822-1

Compliant for sound insulation design according to DIN 4109

Multifunction screw with hexagonal combination head (slot and crosshead)

Rod size M8 and M10 thread for higher installation flexibility

Temperature resistance: -50°C to +110 °C, suitable for hot water and heating pipes

Longer screws for better fitting and easy mounting size M6x18 from Ø18 to Ø60 and size M6x25 from Ø75 to Ø400

Higher thickness of EPDM rubber 4,5 mm

Connecting nut longer 18 mm

EPDM UV rays resistant and also seawater

Pull out resistance 80 Kg till diameter Ø28 mm, 100 kg till diameter Ø60 mm, 150 kg till diameter Ø220 mm and 200 kg till diameter Ø400 mm ( security factor included)

Plastic bag content 2 rubber lined pipe clamps, 2 hanger bolts M10xM100 and 2 nylon plugs FX Ø12

Further specifications

  • Metal pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • Drainage pipes
  • PVC downspouts
  • Steel pipes

Areas of application

  • Rod threaded
  • Dowel screw
  • Hanger bolt
  • Quick slick nut with stud



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