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Quick-fix anchor BAZ

Maximum security for each project


The quick-fix anchor BAZ for a wide variety of applications. The BAZ is the right choice for manifold fastenings as it can be used in concrete. Reduced force needed to set the anchor, so BAZ is easy to install. Long thread for more flexibility especially for distance mounting. High load values as well as low edge and acial spacing, this means safe and reliable also in difficult installation situations. Extensive range: One BAZ fits all thanks to a wide choice of materials and dimensions.
Product overview

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Distinctive knurls ensure a good grip and quick tightening of the anchor

The bolt and thread is cold-forged, giving the BAZ high precision and making it very strong

Punched bolt head prevents thread destruction while hammering

A rounding eases the anchor`s insertion into the hole especially when installed through wood

The perfect adjustment between cone and clip ensures reliable expansion an consistent high pull-out loads

Further specifications

  • Guard rails
  • Attaching steel structures
  • Railings (Outdoor: use stainless steel)
  • Elevators
  • Facades
  • MachineryPpipe supports
  • Cable trays

Areas of application

  • Concrete
  • Dense natural stone



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